From Fraud To Honest Estate Agent-Motivational Story Of The Day

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From Fraud To Honest Estate Agent-Motivational Story Of The Day

Today’s story is of a fraud . Five-Six years back business of network marketing was at its upper curve in India. While some were genuine companies who are still operation many so called better companies popped up. They were pyramid schemes with either no products or products high valued with no repeat business.

Mitul Desai born rich and an ambitious man ,aged 25 at that time himself entered into one of those network marketing companies. Citing huge profits , he them himself formed a company. High payouts and bonuses made his company successful and in one year he became crorepati . Needless to say crorepati from people’s money. Soon his so called network marketing ran out of steam. People were disillusioned and soon started asking for money. Some people filed complaint against mitul and he had warrant against him.

He absconded , went to rajasthan and from rajasthan , he went to Dehlia. From Delhi he went to Dubai. He kept absconding for two years till his brother got arrested. Being main culprit , tired of absconding and having guilt of making life of his innocent parents , a hell , he came back to Ahmadabad and surrounded before police. His total due was 7 crores. He was arrested and put behind the bars. He made settlement with complainers , his father sold few properties and they eventually cleared the dues.

Eventually he got out of jail and then started his business as real estate agent. Being smart in dealing with people , providing prompt professional service in unprofessional sector , mitul soon was able to establish himself in the market.

He earns well now and often states greed is good as long as it doesn’t harm anyone. After be fooling people , breaking trust and causing harm to them as well as his own family , mitul now believe being honest and rich can go together. Honestly doing business , providing best service is 100 times better than 5 star hotel seminars arranged to make money by disillusioning people.

Mitul learned his lesson in hard way but mitul story also shows that past , no matter how bad or worse it can be , there is always better tomorrow. If a fraud can become honest and succeed , coming out of mess , anyone with will and hard work can also succeed.

From Fraud To Honest Estate Agent-Motivational Story Of The Day

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Simon Wardley (Canonical Ltd), “Cloud Computing – Why IT Matters”

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