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Find Your Motivation

Everyone has their own way of motivating themselves. Some people are incredibly self motivated. They know how to set goals and make achieving those goals a reality. Others need someone to keep reminding them of their goal and why they want to achieve it.

I believe that we all possess the power to motivate ourselves. I think that self motivation starts with deciding what the problem we wish to solve is. Do we wish to lose weight? Are we unhappy in our job and would like to find a new one? Do we feel unappreciated by our partner? Once we know which problem we are attempting to solve, we can pick a goal and move towards solving that problem.

If your goal is to lose 10 pounds , you should break that goal down into several smaller steps. For example, you could say that you will walk for a half an hour everyday after work for 2 weeks. Then at the end of two weeks, when you have accomplished that goal, take it to the next step which could be that you will walk/run everyday after work for one half an hour, or that you will walk for an hour. Whatever you decide. Make sure that the goal is attainable in a relatively short period of time. All these smaller goals will help you reach your main goal. But by breaking it down into smaller steps, it does not seem so unattainable. It will also help to keep you motivated to reach these smaller goals along the way.

I believe that you will be most successful in reaching your goal if you are able to motivate yourself. You can keep those smaller jeans on your bedside table so that you see them everyday when you get out of bed. Put reminders on the fridge. Do not buy all the sugary snacks at the grocery store. Enlisting the help of your loved ones can also be important. It helps to have someone cheering you on. It also makes you accountable to someone besides yourself, which for some people is more important then self motivation.

So, decide your goal. Break it down into several smaller steps. Write them down. As you accomplish each smaller goal, cross it off the list until you reach the end. Whatever your goal is, you can achieve it with the right mind set. Motivation starts within yourself. You decide what it is you want to change and then go about changing it.

Jennie Crawford is a stay at home mom of two children. She is also an avid runner who has just started her own website at

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