Feng Shui Fountains Keep The Harmony With Life Itself

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Feng Shui Fountains Keep The Harmony With Life Itself

Today, artificial fountains have become extremely popular everywhere. They come in all sizes and designs, and can be used indoors and outdoors. Their design may or may not look Asian. After all, feng shui is not so much the trappings, as the atmosphere. It’s believed that any type of artificial fountain will bring good luck, abundance, prosperity, and success in career.

Fountains are very popular in feng shui because they possess the energy of water – the most ancient and powerful symbol that is similar to life itself. In life everything constantly changes, and joy and happiness always come after sadness. The water is just as volatile – first it rushes forth with a raging stream, then slows, and then starts again. Water is in harmony with life itself. It is one of the key concepts of Eastern philosophy, representing the volatility and stability. Water epitomizes the source of life – life itself once occurred from water, and is sustained by it. The feng shui fountains will activate the energy of water, and start to invisibly change your life for the best.

What feelings do you experience when you listen to the murmur of a brook or the sound of a small waterfall? Perhaps, it’s difficult to describe in words. Your thoughts find their appeasement, and you feel fine. The numerous stimuli of large cities often create stress, and this can be fought with fountains that replace stress by good feelings. These fixtures will help you feel in harmony with yourself, other people and the everyday environment. They will make your life more harmonious. Herein lays the deep meaning of feng shui.

Fountains are indispensable in offices where there is a tense working atmosphere. In homes, the orderly murmur of the water will make rooms more comfortable and enjoyable for recreation and reflection. They exude great freshness, distribute healthy negative ions, and moisten the air indoors (most modern homes and offices need extra moisture in the air). The fountains are also remarkable as a home decoration.

The best places to install feng shui fountains are: the East (for health and family), Southeast (for prosperity and abundance), and North (for career). The location of the fixture can also agree with Bagua and the five feng shui elements. The only place that you may want to avoid is the bedroom, because it can cause trouble falling asleep.

It’s a good idea to look for high-quality units with a quiet pump. You may also want to look for those that are easy to keep clean. You can put natural crystals or stones in the fountain, to enhance the good energy. You can also purchase a design that allows adding aromatics, to further increase the pleasant and relaxing ambiance in your home or office. The feng shui fountains will create a supportive and relaxed atmosphere in your rooms, and connect you with the primeval source of life – the water.

Jakob Jelling runs which teaches the ancient art of feng shui. Please visit his website to learn more about feng shui fountains.

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