Feelings and the Law of Attraction

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Feelings and the Law of Attraction

People all over the country have heard about the Law of Attraction.  The Law of Attraction has been popularized by the many books written by Ester Hicks and the book “The Secret”.  With all that has been written about it, people still can’t seem to make it work for them.

When people read “The Secret” or any of the other books they tend to focus on the concept of desiring something.  It’s as if just simply wanting something will make it happen.  Sometimes it does and often it doesn’t.  Herein lies the frustration with the Law of Attraction, it doesn’t seem to work all of the time.

What’s missing is the “feeling” that is created when you desire something.  You see, the ability to manifest is not driven simply by what you want.  It is driven by what you want and how you feel when you want it.

Here’s a quick demonstration.  Say this statement to yourself out loud, “I now want ____” and fill in the blank with something you do not want, say an illness.   Say this phrase out loud and notice how you feel deep down inside.  If you’re like most, you do not feel very good or excited.  That is because you do not really want the illness.

Now fill in the blank with something you want and you know you can have anytime you want, something simple such as a bowl of ice cream.  Say the statement and again notice how you feel.  If you’re like most people you probably feel positive, confident that this desire can be fulfilled.

If you want you can repeat the process say one statement first and then the other just to magnify the difference.

Now it’s time for the real test.  Repeat the following statement, “I now want a million dollars.”  Which way did this statement make you feel, positive or negative?

If you felt a negative feeling then you don’t really believe you can have it and the universe will not provide to you anything you do not want.  

Instead, if you felt a positive feeling then you are in alignment with your desire and the universe will deliver the desire to you.

It is all about feelings.  To get what you desire, you have to feel positive.  But what if you don’t?  Then piggyback the statement onto another positive feeling.  By this I mean think about something you enjoy, maybe you children.  When you have a good feeling inside of you, state your desire for what you want.  Repeat this process many times throughout the day until the positive, good feeling is linked to what you desire.  

The more powerful the positive feelings you can link to what you desire, the quicker you will see it manifest in your life.

Remember, it’s not about the desire; it is about how you feel when you state your desire.  This is the hidden key to making the Law of Attraction work for you.

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