Fat Loss Secret – What is the Secret to Fat Loss?

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Fat Loss Secret – What is the Secret to Fat Loss?

Perhaps the most talked about and highly debated topic on our planet has nothing to do with politics. It is dieting and losing weight. So many people try this on a regular basis, many with little or no success. This is where the fat loss secret comes into play. You may have heard about this before. It is a report written by Arizona doctor Suzanne Gudakunst. In her report, she reveals the secrets why so many people are not able to lose the fat they want. The biggest secret she tries to expose is the need to have a clean colon before attempting to lose any weight.

She believes the fat loss secret lies in the colon because she does not believe that people can lose weight with all the harmful parasites in your digestive tract. In her study for the report, she found a connection between people with chronic obesity and colon conditions. The reason she believes there is a connection is because your digestive tract cannot properly digest your food when it is full of parasites. The parasites act as an inhibitor to proper digestion, which typically results in weight gain in most people.

What Dr. Suzanna Gudakunst revealed in her fat loss secret report is the need to naturally cleanse your digestive system. Once your system is clear, she believes you will be able to lose weight because your system will be able to digest its food properly. The way in which you need to cleanse your system, according to Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst, is by using natural herbs and plant extracts. This will rid your body of all the harmful toxins that are found in today’s food. These toxins also are the reason that you continue to gain weight instead of lose weight.

The problem with these toxins being in your body, Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst says, is that they serve as a barrier to exercise. Regardless of how much you exercise, nothing will happen in the form of weight loss if these toxins are present. The same goes with regular dieting as well. The toxins block everything from working. Once you cleanse your body of these toxins, your dieting and exercising will work the way they should. This essay is available online in the form of an e-book. It comes in six different parts.

The reason that many people find Dr Suzanne Gudakunst fat loss secret helpful is because it educates them. You will understand why you need to clean your system. If you are interested in saving yourself a lot of time and money and would like additional information visit our site at Fat Loss Secret

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