Exposing the 12 Types of Anger

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Exposing the 12 Types of Anger

Every person has experience feeling rage at some point in their lives. But although you have felt or experienced this feeling, it does not mean that you know everything about. For instance, do you know that there are 12 types of anger?

1.       Behavioral anger can be best described as an aggressive reaction by a person against the one that triggered his or her anger. A person manifesting this type of anger usually attacks others or abuses others physically.

2.       Passive anger is commonly shown by mocking other or by being sarcastic towards those that caused their anger in order to avoid direct confrontations.

3.       Verbal anger is a type where a person expresses his or her anger by words. In this type of anger, a person may end up verbally abusing other people.

4.       Self-inflicted anger, as its name implies, it is a type of anger where a person inflicts harm on himself or herself something bad he or she might have done.

5.       Chronic anger is type of anger that has no cause. Some people are just plain angry all the time even if nothing or no one is causing it.

6.       Constructive anger, one of the 12 types of anger, can be best described as a feeling of anguish that drives individuals to indulge themselves in groups and movements like protest rallies.

7.       Overwhelmed anger is commonly expressed by shouting whenever people can’t offending, hurtful or demeaning situations.

8.       Judgmental anger is expressed by insulting people and making them feel that they are worthless.

9.       Deliberate anger is a type of anger that is used by people to take advantages of situations or other individuals. Some people will usually start out not being angry, but end up getting angry if things don’t go their way.

10.   Retaliatory anger is triggered as a direct response of a person to hurtful or frustrating situations or acts of other individuals.

11.   Paranoid anger is triggered due to jealousy towards others. This is commonly felt when a person thinks that some people want to take what he or she thinks are rightfully his or hers.

12.   Volatile anger is a type of anger that can go unnoticed or explode at any given time and can either be expressed physically or verbally.

One way or another, all of these types may end up causing problems for you or for the people that surround you. Because of this, it is really important to be in control of your anger. A good way to handle anger is by practicing yoga or mediation.

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The author is a health care specialist that deals studies on the subject of alternative medicine.

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