Everyone needs a little hand-holding to reach their Fitness Goals

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Everyone needs a little hand-holding to reach their Fitness Goals

The Personal Trainer (PT)


Who needs one?


Anyone who’s healthy, injury-free and looking to get started, bust out of a training rut or just stick to a routine. Most trainers will also be happy to train couples or small groups.


What will you get?


A personal trainer will assess your fitness level and goals, and then design and supervise a program. She/he can also refer you to appropriate health practitioners, if necessary. Some trainers will also be qualified to work with higher-risk individuals, like pregnant women, the elderly, athletes or overweight clients.


Bear in mind: There’s a plethora of qualifications available, so make sure your trainer has a track record. Trainers practicing at established gyms should be well qualified, but always check out their credentials.


The Biokineticist


Who needs one?


People who need rehab from an injury, or those training with a controlled medical condition (like heart disease, hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, obesity or osteoporosis). A biokineticist is qualified to prescribe a program to someone with a specific condition. But they may still need check-ups with a sports physician. Biokinetic therapy is also useful for individuals with postural problems and chronic lower-back pain.


What will you get?


First, a full assessment of your fitness and health status. Then, an individualized training routine to help improve your injury, quality of life and performance. A biokineticist can also work to improve your posture and advise you on how to sit at your desk to prevent back injury. She’ll/he’ll supervise and modify your training, one-on-one, for as long as is required.


But for a more budget-friendly version, ask her/him to design your program and get you up-to-speed over a couple of sessions. Then you can follow the routine on your own, returning every few months for feedback or program ‘upgrade’.


The Sports Physician


Who needs one?


Anyone (active or inactive) who suffers from a chronic lifestyle disease or has one or more risk factors (physical inactivity, hypertension, smoking, high cholesterol, high stress levels). This is for someone who is sick or injured and needs a medical diagnosis and treatment. The training becomes part of the treatment, as practitioners use regular exercise, nutritional intervention and stress management to improve (and even prevent) chronic conditions and injury.


What will you get?


A lifestyle and health assessment, and holistic intervention. A sports physician can also address specific concerns, like training at high altitudes or extreme temperatures, sports psychology and eating disorders.

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