Enjoy Hot Spring, Enjoy Your Life

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Enjoy Hot Spring, Enjoy Your Life

How do the hot springs form? About 2000 and 4500 years ago, volcanic had erupted frequently and groundwater rushed out of the crust to form hot springs, in which the maximum temperature can up to 350°C. There are many hot springs in every continent, every ocean and even every corner of the world. The most famous top 7 hot springs on the earth are introduced in the following article.

The Grand Prismatic Spring

The Grand Prismatic Spring, with the width of 75 to 91m and depth of 49m, is the largest hot spring in America and rank NO.3 in the world. Every minute, about 2,000 liters of water with 71°C gush out from underground. The most fantastic thing of the Grand Prismatic Spring is the color of the water in the lake changes with season changes. The color of the water turns into orange from green in spring.

Mammoth Hot Springs

The Grand Prismatic Spring, which is the largest carbonate hot spring in the world, located in Yellowstone National Park in America. The most notable feature of Grand Prismatic Spring is its Minerva terrace, formed for thousands of years ago.

Blood Pond Hot Spring

Blood Pond Hot Spring in Japan is famous for the horrific name called jigoku in Japanese because of the red water in lake. The reason of red water looked like blood is abundant iron elements in the lake. Despite the terrible water, most people from all over the world come here to enjoy their holiday.

Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon locates in the southwest in Iceland, about 39 miles from Reykjavik. The temperature in Blue Lagoon is 40°C in average. Plenty minerals such as silicon and sulfur are in the lake and it is useful to cure skin diseases like psoriasis.

Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Springs is in the state of Colorado in America. The largest natural hot springs pool is here. You can have a swim in the pool to relax. How wonderful!

Jigokudani Hot Springs

Not only do the human enjoy hot spring, but the same to monkey. The Jigokudani Hot Springs in Japan is special for snow monkey.


Deildartunguhver is the largest hot spring in Iceland. The temperature is up to 97°C and it is famous for its fast flow speed, up to 180 litres per seconds.

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