Effective Pole Shift Survival Pointers

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Effective Pole Shift Survival Pointers

Everybody is aware that 2012 is the year when many events are expected to happen, and among them is polar reversal where earth will change the course of its direction and rotation, leading to massive damages. There are actually a lot of pole shift survival tips that went out on the internet because of this distressing news as well as speculations on what will transpire when this event finally comes.

Yes, polar reversal is just one of the many events predicted to come to pass in December 21 of 2012; in fact, such predictions were calculated from the pictures courtesy of NASA, and also from the numerous observations of various scientists and archeologists who also believed in ancient predictions from the Bible, the Mayan calendar, and other ancient civilization artifacts.

in fact, the most recent innovation is the finding of the secret book by Nostradamus in the National Library that holds predictions of the coming Judgment Day in 2012. It is a wonder that all these predictions, forecasts and prophesies all point to the year 2012. A few of these happenings would involve planetary configurations, meteor or hidden planet behind the sun colliding with earth, catastrophic radiation from the sun and many others. And due to these, archeological findings are being interrelated to these such as the ancient pyramids in Egypt, ancient ruins, crop circles and so on.

Furthermore, polar shifting is said to happen when all the planets align; the earth is said to reverse its rotation and the areas that are once full of light will be covered in total darkness, there will be tidal waves, and eruption of volcanoes known and hidden all over the world. Aside from this, there will be melting of the polar ice caps since it will be more exposed to the sun’s heat, increasing the sea level and submerging most of the land.

There are actually a lot of books you can read on the impending end of the world causing alarm to the readers, especially those who have heard little about it; but then again, their fears are alleviated with the measures they find available to them to ensure their survival.

But not to worry for there are tips that so simple and easy to undretsand; and there are also those that border on ridiculous. But survival manuals such as the one in 2012 Contact, really make sense after all. The author recommended that you look for refuge in elevated lands which should be somewhere far from nuclear power plants as much as possible, and of course, close by a potable water supply.

One more thing, there should be ample food stored, comfortable clothes, water, medicines and food supplies among other things necessary for you to survive. Aside from this, it is also recommended that this should be done in groups so that the chances of living through this disaster are higher as compared to doing it alone.

There are several other pointers found in similar Apocalypse 2012 books and if you believe such things will actually take place, you might as well better get a copy of the book and read to survive. But in the long run pole shift survival steps will be taken, depending on the take of the reader; will they believe it will happen, or is it just a scam? If there is one thing sure, it is only the future that can tell what is true regarding these things to us.

Polar shifting is said to happen in the next two years. Visit our website on tips for <a rel=”nofollow” onclick=”javascript:_gaq.push(['_trackPageview', '/outgoing/article_exit_link']);” href=””>pole shift survival</a>.

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