Easy healthy low sugar diet

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Easy healthy low sugar diet


Honey, is very sweet and the sugar within the honey already has broken down. It is perfect for people with diabetes and people who don’t want so much sugar in your diet. Honey is perfect because it’s sweet and easy for the stomach plus there many ways to use honey. For example using it to sweeten your tea or coffee or cereal with banana, cheese with crackers. The list is long and you can be creative. Honey taste very sweet but barely has any calories also unlike sugar honey has many health benefits, this list in only a few. Honey can help you look younger, make your skin look clearer is also has a lot antioxidant, cleansing properties for your body and health it also has a lot of benefits for medicines, like sore throat a cold or eye conjunctivitis to athlete foot, pretty amazing isn’t it. The more you learn about honey the more you’ll love it and the healthier you’ll get. For extra help in health Royal jelly from Durham’s Bee Farm or organic brand, but your allergies to bees’ strings then Royal jelly isn’t for you.

Cinnamon: Cinnamon with honey or by itself also has many health benefits and very little calories; it’s also great for tea, oatmeal and ice cream. Getting organic cinnamon is the best bet to get all the taste and benefits of cinnamon, cinnamon can help cognitive function and memory also good for anti blood clotting, manganese, fiber, iron, and calcium, sounds good right. Red bean paste is also sweet and best to use honey.

In summery

Honey and cinnamon are great replacement for sugar, and much healthier too. Combine with the diet Strip that fat can help you lose the weight. Strip that fat is a fun and easy way to lose the pounds and there many diet plans to suit your life style and needs. Check out to find Strip that fat and my review on it. Good luck!



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