Dui Prevention: Birds of a Feather Don’t Always Have to Flock Together

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Dui Prevention: Birds of a Feather Don’t Always Have to Flock Together

Last night an actor leaving a party in conjunction with the network their TV show is aired on got pulled over after he left and he was popped with a DUI. He was already on probation for 5 years and now this. As it is very unfortunate for him as he may be facing jail time now, it can also be used as a good example of how we all can prevent similar things from happening. It is very easy to simply leave a party in good spirits, but it requires a lot of discipline to actually find a better way to get around the problems surrounding driving while under the influence. DUIs are nothing uncommon here in Los Angeles. In fact, most of the people I know have had some sort of problem with it or know someone close who has. Why do people do such dangerous things? We all would like to answer that. But, first and foremost, isn’t that what we should be asking ourselves? Are we attracting this behavior? Are the people around us attracting this?

According to the law of attraction the answer to whether or not the suspected DUI arrest is attracting this to them self would be yes. Like attracts like. Ever heard the phrase ‘birds of a feather…flock together’? That principle alone can be quite detrimental to one’s own life experience. In my industry I see things daily at work and while not working. It seems that the entertainment business is the only business where people actually get ahead by doing the wrong things. This causes quite a stir, obviously, in most people’s lives who surround themselves with these sorts of people. I am around these people daily and this is why I write. Every day people are surrounded by energy that would be deemed as negative by most people. But, why does it not affect everyone around them? Again, like attracts like. People who are thinking negative thoughts attract negative things similar to what they are putting out there in the Universe.

In my belief, if a person wants to avoid such things as dangerous situations, such as those after a party and needing to head home, then one must surround themselves with the kinds of people who prevent these things from happening in the first place. This is quite obvious, yet, so undervalued in many cases. I see many good people getting into really bad situations simply because they are around the wrong types of people. One case I will mention that involves Driving Under the Influence (DUI) charges is where a group of friends all had DUIs except for one of them. This guy was usually the driver, only not by choice. He developed their mindset and soon got a DUI of his own! Even though he was very careful about these things, he achieved the new ever-popular status as a drunk driver. This was obviously because of what he had attracted to himself as from m understanding it was a fluke of an occurrence where his intoxication was simply stumbled upon by LAPD by chance.

When you go to a party, or even better, are planning to attend a party, try to surround yourself with like-minded people who are advocates of DUI prevention. Even though, it can be very hard sometimes to find a ‘designated driver’ and taxi rates can be quite expensive sometimes, we all need to take mental and physical precautions when it comes to partying not just in L.A. but anywhere in the world. When I go out to gatherings on the town, I usually set up a taxi ride in the form of a carpool. We simply get an L.A. Town car service (their number is on my speed dial) so it doesn’t look like a taxi cab, but is just about the same price. Every day I drive around town and see people getting pulled over and ‘road-tested’ and I want to see every one of you getting home safely and full of high spirits after a great night out in a lot of good company.

S. Michael Windsor is currently publisher and a writer for The Windsor Express Daily, which features daily exclusive articles based on improving the things which matter most in our daily lives. Visit us today at and subscribe for free!

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