Dr. Michael Duckett Speaks on Upgrading Your Life with a Simple Thought

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Dr. Michael Duckett Speaks on Upgrading Your Life with a Simple Thought

Instead of choosing to think of what we want and then dwelling on the thoughts to create it, we do something quite opposite. We experience a negative emotion and choose to dwell upon the thoughts to reinforce it.

For instance, if a person is experiencing financial difficulties, it is common for the individual to concentrate on the lack. It is an undisputed fact that most people understand how thought affects their material world. So, what do you think will occur if a person’s concentration is on lack? That’s right the individual’s energy will be inclined to create more lack and hardships related to it.

Where does God come in?

God allows free Will in all individuals. Every person has the right to exercise individual Will in bringing forth chaos or calmness, abundance or lack, health or illness. Either case, good or bad, it is our free Will that determines what we bring forth.

God is more about life than death. Most people think God is waiting for them at death but this is not the whole truth. The whole truth is God is working with you before you come into this life, while you’re here, and when you leave the physical world. The main point I want to stress in this conversation is the second of these three things.

God wants to provide you with exactly what you want—good or bad—you decide by your predominate thoughts. As a matter of fact, your entire life and body is a product of what you believe about God. If you believe God is health and abundance, your life reflects that exact energy. If you think God is far away and detached, your life will reflect accompanying lack and loneliness as well.

What are you thinking about most of the time? If you aren’t sure, take a look at your life and you see is the product of your predominant thoughts. Change your thinking and change your life. Without a change of thinking, you’ll get more of the same.

To change your thinking, and increase your prosperity in all areas of life, try this:

Avoid counter productive thinking. Make a conscious effort to only think and talk about life and others according to what you want. Remember everyone has the ability to change their thinking anytime they want to begin the process. It is entirely up to each person to make the decision. You can’t push this information on others, but you can make a difference by practicing it more regularly in your own life. Avoid recognizing lack in anything or anyone—including your own life. Only see things as a temporary state of confusion. Where there is lack in any area of life, the person is simply confused with how to handle that area better. To begin the process of diminishing confusion, change your thinking. If a negative thought or conversation occurs, gently remind yourself that you no longer allow that in your life. After catching yourself in a negative state a few times, and gently guiding yourself back to a consciousness of prosperity and happiness, the negative thoughts will soon diminish from your life. Whatever we don’t use, we lose. This pertains to the negative things as well.

Some people may find it uncomfortable to work on such an intimate relationship with God in creating a better life. It is much easier to actively participate in creating a better existence than passively living in misery.

As the apostle Mark taught, “All things whatsoever ye pray for, believe that ye have them, and ye shall receive them.”

Isn’t it funny how so many people for thousands of years have taught, “It is our thoughts that decide our present and future,” yet, we continue to avoid changing our thinking? Isn’t it something how a change of thinking is the primary factor that all successful people, in any walk of life, have in common? Isn’t it funny that so many successful teachers have taught this most important lesson yet many good hearted people choose to continue to stay stuck in undesirable thoughts?

Anytime you want, you can increase your wealth, health, relationships, career, business, performance, etc., by only allowing yourself to think about these things in the right way. In the successful way and avoid any lack or dis-harmony in your every day thoughts.

Life is so much easier when you give up the counter productive thoughts that keep repeating themselves. This information is part of my Mental Codes Technology. Normal 0 false false false MicrosoftInternetExplorer4

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