Don’t let money problems keep you up at night. Here’s how to fall asleep immediately you go to bed

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Don’t let money problems keep you up at night. Here’s how to fall asleep immediately you go to bed

Don’t let money problems keep you up at night. Here’s how to fall asleep immediately you go to bed.

By Dennis Fisher.

It’s important for your physical and mental health and your peace of mind to enjoy a good night’s sleep every night.  Your health will suffer if you lie in bed at night, hour after hour, tossing and turning and thinking about your financial difficulties. Sleep deprivation can be a serious health problem.

Your money problems are not unique. Because of the present financial crisis sweeping the world, many people have trouble sleeping night. But there are also, with same money problems as you, who have developed the knack of “switching off” when they go to bed.  They are able to rid their minds completely of all thoughts about money.

They realize how important it is to enjoy good sound sleep every night.  They know the harm that sleep deprivation can do for their health.  They use certain mental techniques to help them switch off and relax completely when they go to bed.

They are able to fall asleep immediately they go to bed, In the morning they wake up refreshed after a good night’s sleep. They are able to think clearly about various creative ways to solve their financial difficulties. They are ready to face the new day with renewed vigor.

How do they do this?  They realize that thinking about problems when they go to bed has become a habit – a bad habit.  It’s habit that has to be changed.

A bad habit cannot always be broken by will power alone.  It is difficult to force yourself to stop doing something, even if you know it’s harmful.  The most effective way to break a bad habit is to replace it with another habit – preferably a good habit. 

Here are some tips that will help you break your bad habit of not sleeping immediately you go to bed. Others have used use these techniques.  They work very well for them.  They can work for you also.

 They will help break you break your bad habit of worrying about money problems at night.

Get a sheet of paper. At the top of the page write down MY BLESSINGS.

 Give a great deal of thought to all the positive features of your life.  When you are feeling miserable and depressed you may at first find difficulty of thinking of any. But if you think carefully all the positive features will come to mind.

Below  are some suggestions of positive features you may have overlooked.  If you feel these features don’t apply to your own personal circumstances, think of others that do.  Write them down, slowly and carefully.

You have   a loving relationship with your partner who knows all about your money problems and is just as concerned as you are, and is trying hard to help you as much as possible You are physically and mentally quite strong and health.  The minor illnesses you or your family may suffer from are not as serious as those of so many others. You have a wonderful family. You are blessed with children that admire and respect you and are aware of the difficulties you are going through at the moment. Your children are talented and intelligent and are doing well at school or in their jobs You have many friends who like you and respect you and, if necessary, would be willing to help you in some way. When you compare your situation – even though it may seem  fairly desperate at the moment – with the situation of some friends and acquaintances  you know who have far more serious  problems than you, both from the health and financial point of view, you realize how fortunate and blessed you  are. Make a positive plan of action to consult a financial advisor or advisory service that can suggest positive steps to deal with your present financial crisis.  Once you are open and honest with people you’ll find that are very willing to help.  Make a definite appointment and set a definite date to meet with someone who can look objectively at your financial situation and give you positive ideas how best to handle your present difficulties.

While sitting up in bed, before you switch off the light, read what you have written on your MY BLESSINGS PAGE,  very slowly and silently. Do this three times. As you read make a point of breathing in  deeply through your noseand out through your mouth.

 Then switch off the light. Close your eyes. Keep thinking and reminding yourself about all the positive features of your life.

You’ll fall asleep counting your blessings.

Insomnia is a complex problem that causes a great deal of distress. Very often sleep problems are caused by circumstances that nothing to do with financial problems. Very often insomnia is a problem from which people have suffered for years. 

Because of the limited scope of this article it is impossible to deal with sleep problems in great detail.  It’s not possible to discuss the wide variety of methods and techniques that can be used  sleep problems can be solved – without harmful sleeping pills. 

There are many effective solutions available that will solve most sleep problems. Visit the following website, where you’ll find a great deal of more information about insomnia and how to solve most sleep problems:




























Dennis Fisher is an author who has made an in-depth study of sleep, insomnia and effective ways to solve sleep problems without harmful sleeping pills or any form of medication. He has written a detailed ebook describing various unusual techniques. Details of this book and how to access it can be found on the following website

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