Do you Have Sunshine in your Life?

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Do you Have Sunshine in your Life?

Let the sunshine in! Even if it rains the sun can still shine. Life is supposed to be easy that’s my thoughts anyway.

Why should we come to this planet to work hard, have a tough time and feel miserable? It does not make sense. Do what ever it takes to be happy. If you can not make yourself happy help somebody else to be happy. How? Tell a joke. Take them out for a cup of coffee and tell them how much they mean to you. Why not see a funny movie? Think about 100 years ahead. What will you remember? The good or the bad times? I guarantee it will be the good ones. Surprise friends with a basket of goodies. You can choose the items by yourself. It is so easy to please somebody with that. Give credit to them. Tell them they look nice and you have to mean it. Honesty works best in anyways. Show appreciations more, give flowers. It always smells from a hand that gives roses. Do like Monty Pythons the movie did take a look on the bright side of life.

Listen to that song and watch the movie. You know that you can also fool the brain when you are feeling down. Remind yourself about good times. If you have kids or pets just play with them. Watch them for a while and try to be sad or down.

Life is so easy in the level you want it to be. When you are down and troubled and you need somebody call that person. If you can not reach them talk to somebody else then. Tell them or ask those it’s better for help. I like to talk to you and want to change my mood. Wait for acceptance maybe they are busy. I myself prefer physical activities. I love to go for long walks.

That helps both with my body and my mind. The more you move the better you will feel. Try it you may like it. When my working partners find it hard with motivation I always recommend it. Invite somebody for a walk as well. Have meetings while walking. Many of my coaching clients like to walk with me during the sessions. It helps them to release problems and relax. They don’t have to stir in my eyes all the time and that can distract them. It gives you fresh air too. It’s good to clean out our systems every now and then. It is fine to be by yourself time to time. But if you down you might have to find a sparring partner. Don’t talk just negative issues try to be as neutral as possible. The mind tends to stick to it otherwise. When we know the mind is getting attached why not choose something god then? Believe it or not but everything you do, see, talk, hear, eat or drink is by choice. So if you know what kinds of inputs it creates why not have the best? You deserve it because you are the champion. You deserve it in abundance. All the way to the infinity. I believe in you do you?

MarieLouise is working as a personal trainer, life coach and author. She is also very skilled as a net worker with several years experience from different MLM companies.

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