Do Self Confidence Courses Really Work?

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Do Self Confidence Courses Really Work?

This is a question that many people who are considering taking a self confidence course ask themselves. Do the courses actually work or not?

Having had low self confidence myself in the past and read many books and courses on the subject of confidence I can answer that question. Some work, some don’t. It really depends on the course and the author. After improving my self confidence through a variety of sources I decided to write my own successful self confidence course that really works.

The question is, how do you find a self confidence course that works for you. Your first stop is probably a book shop – either online or a bricks and mortar bookshop, whichever you are most comfortable with. There are a lot of books written about confidence and self-esteem, some good and some not so good. With most big bookshops offering a coffee area it is now easier than ever to sit and read through a book first before you decide whether or not to buy it.

It’s well worth taking this time and deciding if the style of the writer suits you. You may want a more practical book or a more esoteric and thoughtful book. Both will work, but probably not for the same person.

The next option is to search online for self confidence courses and resources. There is a lot of information out there of varying qualities. Before you buy any online confidence course you should consider the following:

1) Do they offer you a money back guarantee? This is important to give you some peace of mind in case the product isn’t what you thought it was. Whilst you can read a book in a bookstore first to determine if it suits you, you can rarely read a product you’re buying online before you buy it.

2) Are you offered instant download? Can you download the product instantly after you’ve purchased it? If not, then how long do you have to wait? You may not like to wait for a product to be delivered via the mail.

3) What bonuses, if any, do they offer? Traditionally online retailers offer bonus items whenever you make a purchase to tempt you into parting with your money. Are the bonus items products you want and will help you improve your self-confidence or not?

4) What after sales support are you offered? Do they offer forums or personal access so you can get personal advice?

5) Has the person who wrote the course had low self confidence and used the techniques to become more confident? If they have, then the course is going to be much better than a course researched and written by someone who has never suffered from low self esteem.

Self confidence courses really work, particularly if you find one. Depending on your current level of confidence you may buy a book, buy an online course or attend a physical course. Decide on what works best for you and then go for it. Remember that confidence is something you can learn and improve – if you want to.

Jason E. Johns is a personal success coach specializing in helping you become more confident through an innovative and compassionate approach. Discover how you can be more confident through this powerful and effective self confidence program self confidence website,

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