Did you know how you fall asleep?

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Did you know how you fall asleep?

Sleep deprivation, known to the Romans and dictatorships as a powerful process of torture, makes us reflect on the need of humans to sleep a certain time according to the biological rhythm of each individual, to recover from a heavy or medium activity. With a margin of 1 hour, the world’s population sleeps about 7 hours.

Through experiments we noted a serious disturbance in those who had decreased sleep time significantly, down from five hours.

There is a process for moving from wakefulness to sleep that passes through the relaxation, drowsiness and finally to sleep dormancy arises suddenly and unexpectedly.

The stages of sleep are five:

Step No. 1: This stage is light sleep, so we can answer if anybody ask us something, are slight movements of the eyes and muscles,slow down brain activity shows low amplitude. Sudden muscle contractions occur. At this stage the remedial action is almost null.

Step No. 2: Information brain is blocked, there is a disconnect with the environment allowing the person to sleep. The eye movement stops and the muscle tone decreases.

Step No. 3: the dream is deepening and the lock on the sensory brain increases. There is no eye movement or muscle activity. If we are trying to wake stunned.

Step No. 4: at this stage as in the third restful sleep is both physically and mentally. There is no eye movement or muscle activity.

REM: In this phase the eyes move, temporarily paralyzing the muscles. The heart rate increases. The body does not regulate temperature well. This is the stage where people can dream and dream recall.

There are two theories: one points to sleep as a means of redress and the other speak about the rest.

The first meets the repair process by secreting sex hormone (testosterone) and growth hormone which prevents the degeneration of cells in adults and helps children’s physical development process. Also, much cells division occur during the morning and that is when cells are loaded  the substance that provide them energy (ATP, adenosine triphosphate).

In contrast to the theory of rest is opposed the following processes: physical deterioration does not increase the need for sleep, the synthesis of proteins, and the anabolic process is reduced during sleep.

The central nervous system remains active whenever both wakefulness and in REM sleep phase . Why the brain is still working if we think it is resting when we sleep?

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