Diabetes Treatment: Improving Your Health with Relaxation Therapy

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Diabetes Treatment: Improving Your Health with Relaxation Therapy

If you have Type 2 diabetes, then you will find it difficult to keep your blood sugar at the right level when you are under stress. If you do not manage your stress, you will find your condition worsening.

This combination of stress and diabetes can even lead to other health problems like kidney disease, blindness, limb amputation, and cardiovascular problems. Your diabetes treatment can only be effective if you learn how to control your stress levels at the same time.

You need to practise some form of relaxation therapy in order to do this. These include breathing techniques, prayer, meditation, and exercise.

Another form of relaxation therapy that is widely used is biofeedback. This technique measures your stress level by monitoring your body temperature and muscle tenseness, and then helps you to learn how to deal with stress once you recognize the symptoms of stress. Studies have been conducted that have confirmed the value of using biofeedback with relaxation techniques as diabetes treatment.

Most patients who are under a great deal of stress do have a problem of controlling their blood glucose levels. The reason is that the stress makes them unable to control their eating and it makes it difficult to be consistent with their exercise plan. The cycle then continues with high and uncontrolled blood sugar levels, which can cause sickness and more life-threatening complications.

A relaxation therapy can help you adjust your response to stress. Changing your response to stress can help control your blood glucose levels, because when you become stressed, your body releases a chemical called cortisol. This chemical keeps the body from absorbing insulin properly. Patients who used biofeedback and relaxation techniques together control their glucose levels much better than patients who are educated about stress in their lives alone. This combination helps to lower levels of muscle tension, depression, and anxiety as well.

Exercise is another excellent way to decrease your stress level. The good news is that it has other benefits, too, including weight control, lower blood sugar levels, and reducing those stressful feelings. If you start to feel stressed at work, you may want to get up and walk around to relieve that stress. The key is to listen to your body and realize that exercise can benefit you both mentally and physically. Your diabetes treatment can be of greater help if you exercise at the same time.

You should definitely consider using relaxation therapy while undergoing diabetes treatment. Do you feel the signals that your body releases when you are stressed? Do you feel your muscles tightening up in your neck and shoulders? Do you clench your teeth or have hot flashes? Do you find it hard to breathe? Any of these signs can be telling you that it is time that you relax to accelerate the success of your diabetes treatment.

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