Diabetes Disease and Fatigue

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Diabetes Disease and Fatigue

Your body can experience being tired and worn-down for numerous reasons: stress, pregnancy, medications, and inactivity, just to name a few.

After expressing there is pain, tiredness is the second most mentioned general symptom by patients in the doctors’ offices.

But fatigue can also be a sign of the diabetes disease. If you find yourself nodding off repeatedly and used up through your day these signs could be a warning that the diabetes disease is present. If this fatigue is combined with any of the other classic symptoms of diabetes – including excessive thirst, frequent urination, unexplained weight loss even with an increased appetite, blurred vision, irritability, or skin problems – you need to pay a trip to your doctor to have a diabetes screening test.

An imbalance in blood sugar is the main reason for diabetes disease – related fatigue. Your cells make use of glucose – sugar – for fuel. The hormone insulin controls the allocation and use of glucose in the body.

For diabetics, due to poor production of insulin, the glucose is not appropriately utilized by the cells; instead, it’s floating around in the bloodstream, where it can’t be used as power. As a result, you may feel constantly drained. Just like a car that has no gas your body needs the sugar (like gas) to keep it moving.

Returning the blood sugar to its normal, healthy levels with proper treatment can alleviate your fatigue. If you’ve discovered your diabetes in its earlier stages, and it’s still considered mild, treatment usually consists of dropping excess body fat, and lowering blood pressure and cholesterol through improvement of your diet and exercise habits. just being more careful with your health in general will focus you in on what to do to address your tiredness.

If your diabetes is a more complicated type or at a more advanced stage, it will be treated through oral medication, alternative remedies or injections of insulin.

What else can I do?

Place yourself on a program. This way you can start to train your body when to feel tired. Eat your meals, go to sleep and wake up at the same times each day. By waking and retiring on your schedule your body will know when to get tired. To further address this tired issue do some moderate exercise and get enough sleep every day. And most importantly maintain stable blood sugar levels to stay away from energy crashes.

Practice relaxation techniques such as positive visualization, meditation, or deep breathing exercises to help lower stress and keep your blood pressure on an even keel. This could be an exciting new page in your life. You are taking responsibility for your condition.

Take a refreshing power nap to re-energize yourself. Twenty to thirty minutes is a good block of time to let your body get a rest. I like doing this because of my late work schedule.

Avoid the temporary fix of coffee or over the counter energy boosters. These quicker fixer uppers will quite often make you extremely wasted after they wear off. You may also become dependent on the item after using it for a while. Like coffee.

Taking care of your tiredness in a natural way is going to be your best course of action. Fight fatigue with the help of some natural herbs like cinnamon or seek help from your dietician or health care provider.

Resource – Online Diabetes Symptoms

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