Control Your Stress Levels

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Control Your Stress Levels

Chronic stress increases your risk of a heart attack and stroke. Your relationships at home and for your career also suffer when you are so frequently in a stressed mode.

We have all had our mindlessness moments when there is a loss of awareness and we forget something, run through a red light, almost separate from ourselves and feel like we are living mechanically and time rushes past. Restoring a balanced sense of health and well being does require mindfulness because we need to be aware of all aspects of our body and our mind, as well as our hearts.

Once you make a commitment to be aware of your responses to situations you will find that being mindful is habit forming. It does not take much time. The most difficult part for many is to remember to do it and keep doing it. It means setting a few minutes a side to meditate and if you have taken the class to practice your mindfulness, doing your exercises in the morning before you start the day and at night before you go to bed.

Every toga teacher leaves time in her classes for peaceful meditation. Classes in yoga, meditation, and popular psychology are usually available at your local libraries and community centers. You will learn the concept of the yoga breath which is an important basic of mindfulness stress reduction.

In the meantime try these 4 techniques to reducing stress:

1. Power Off. Set healthy boundaries for yourself to help alleviate stress which means setting technology boundaries. Some say we have an addiction today with people on their cell phones and e-mails. Making yourself available 24 hours a day through a mobile device will only add to your stress.

2. Learn to quiet your mind. This is easier said than done because we are on overload when it comes to information. This may require making some quiet time throughout your day.

3.Turn off the TV and your video games. Both of these are great sources for entertainment but they can become an opiate. You can be a big fan of PBS or programming for children, but too much of something is too much and zaps our time and energy.

4. Practice compassion. Taking the time to care about another person is always an action that reduces stress. Volunteering to help others who are less fortunate than you will help to reduce your stress because you will be focused on others, not yourself. Spending time with family and friends who love and accept you for who you are makes your life more simple thus reducing stress. It may be time to acknowledged your relationship with some of your friends instead of staying isolated on the computer.

None of these are quick fixes to reducing stress but practiced consistently you will get positive results.

Stress and anger are part of life. However, the way your body reacts to uncontrolled stress and anger is a risk factor for heart disease. In fact research has shown that anger can be just as much of a risk factor for hear disease as smoking, obesity and lack of exercise. Find out more about protecting your own healthy by managing your stress at: Reduce Stress Without Drugs

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