Colored Wristbands

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Colored Wristbands

Colored wristbands are used for various purposes. Different colors are used for different purpose. Like red color denotes HIV aids, yellow denotes cancer awareness and pink color breast cancer.

Red wristbands are used to support cancer, diabetes, aids and heart disease. Red wristbands support people who suffer from cancer. On the band messages like courage, hope and strength can be printed. Red color also creates awareness for drug trafficking and drug abuse. Live drug free red wristbands are a great way to express your thoughts to teenagers how harmful it is to use drugs and alcohol.

Yellow rubber bracelet supports cancer research. This band was introduced on May 2004 to raise fund for lance Armstrong foundation. This band is used to raise money for cancer research, cancer awareness and to encourage those suffering from it.

Pink color symbolizes breast cancer. This color is chosen because it represents feminine strength. Breast cancer nearly affects 186,000 women every year and kills around 43,000 in U.S. and affects over a million women worldwide.

Black symbolizes gang prevention, gun control, Melanoma, Narcolepsy, sleep apnea, sleep disorders and mourning. These bands are worn to remember lost loved ones. Younger generation prefer wearing white wristbands. These bands symbolize make poverty history. This band became famous when a program live aid 2005, was shown on live television throughout the world. These bands are used for other causes like Bone cancer, General Hope and support, Peace and Anti child Exploitation. These are available in different designs like debossed, embossed and printed. White bracelets also symbolize themes like Jesus loves me etc.

Purple wristbands are used to create awareness and raise money for cystic fibrosis, Alzheimer’s disease, pancreatic cancer, stop animal abuse, domestic violence etc. These bands raise money to support pancreatic cancer research, patients and their families. It has message striving for survival embossed on it. To help people who are suffering from Domestic violence, purple bands were introduced.

Orange color promotes hunger awareness, leukemia, feral cats, multiple sclerosis, Melanoma, self harm etc. These bands can provide rice for disaster survivors, victims of famine in Africa and other parts of the world. These have messages we care imprinted on it. Orange rubber bracelets have message I will imprinted on the band. This is done to create general awareness about Multiple Sclerosis disease. A cancer organization has released live free smoke free orange band to support anti-smoking campaign.

Blue wristbands symbolize prevention of child abuse, colon cancer, anti-bullying, prostate cancer, arthritis, animal rights, Tsunami victims, autism and so on. Many schools are using this wristband to promote anti-bullying. Many schools celebrate anti-bullying week. Wear a Blue Band and tell the world that you can get through colon cancer. Share fear nothing wristbands with family and friends who are 50 and above to remind them to speak with doctors about colon cancer screening.

Green bands denote Bipolar Disorder, Celiac Disease, Lyme disease, Lymphoma, Cerebral Palsy, Organ donation, Tourette syndrome etc. Teal wrist bands are used to support ovarian cancer, sexual assault, gynecological cancer, anxiety disorder etc.

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