Cold air intake improves engine life

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Cold air intake improves engine life

A cold air intake is a device which captures cold air and takes it quickly to the engine. It is a simple device and does not seem to be doing anything very special. Yet a cold air intake gives you multiple benefits and by doing that gives you great value for your money.

By taking sumptuous amount of cold air directly to the engine it provides the engine with abundant oxygen. Cold is important too because for a given volume more air will fit in if it is cold and less will fit in if it is hot. This abundant oxygen ensures that the fuel is combusted very well and fuel left unignited due to a lack of oxygen is reduced. The fact that a higher percentage of the fuel is combusted means you get a better fuel efficiency. And the fact that more fuel is burnt in every engine cycle means you get more power. Often extra power is at the cost of lower fuel efficiency but a cold air intake manages to do both.

One key feature is that a cold air intake takes air directly and quickly to the engine. Unlike the stock car air intake which makes the air travel a long distance to the engine. In traveling the long distance the air heats up and is no longer as cold by the time it reaches the engine.

A great additional benefit is that now the engine operates at a lower temperature. So the conditions for the components of the engine are less severe. They are able to perform for a longer duration and this leads to a longer engine life.

The benefits of a cold air intake don’t end there. If you add a hood scoop to capture the air it adds to the look of the car as well by giving it a sporty performance car look. If you have bought body kits for your car this can further enhance the styling of your car.

And the cold air intake also gives your car a high powered roar. This roar will underline its performance car image. You can know more about car aftermarket products at

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