Choose the Best Pulse Oximeter for Your Needs

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Choose the Best Pulse Oximeter for Your Needs

Do you have to monitor the oxygen content of your blood? Maybe you have to keep track of those measurements for a loved one. It used to be that you had to go to the hospital to have that done, but thanks to the advent of smaller and less expensive pulse oximeters, you can now monitor your blood oxygen levels at home.

In fact, there are uses that practically beg for home use, such as monitoring oxygen levels in someone who has sleep apnea. Sleep apnea causes people to stop breathing, which can lower the oxygen levels of their blood to dangerous levels. So it’s important to wear an oximeter to monitor blood oxygen levels to prevent brain damage and other consequences.

Of course, opportunity also brings up new challenges… how to pick the right pulse oximeter for your needs? There are a number of considerations as you make your choice:

a) Size

Pulse oximeters come in a range of sizes. The traditional ones are quite large and they’re mostly used in hospitals and other institutional settings. They are far too bulky and too expensive for home use.

And thanks to innovative technology, the smaller ones designed for home use are generally also highly accurate. So feel free to choose a smaller model for home use.

b) Wrist or finger oximeter

Should you choose a wrist or a finger oximeter? That’s really up to you. The wrist one generally measures the blood oxygen levels in your finger anyway, so you might as well go for the smaller size, which usually also comes with a smaller price tag.

d) Accuracy

The most important thing about pulse oximeters is accuracy. No matter what else you decide, you must get one that is reliable and accurate. How will you know? Read the reviews, and maybe ask your doctor for recommendations.

You should also look for a reputable vendor — they will be able to tell you which oximeters tend to be the most accurate. Don’t skimp in that area — your life or the life of your loved one depends on accurate readings.

d) Price

Many people believe you get what you pay for, and to a certain extent that is true. However, there are exceptions. Not all expensive models are excellent, and not all budget priced models are of inferior quality.

Instead, do your own research, read customer reviews, and you may be able to find an excellent pulse oximeter for home use for a very affordable price.

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