China’s female fans after watching Barcelona 90 7 4 thousand men and ceiling fans, dishwasher _ NEW YORK Hotel

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China’s female fans after watching Barcelona 90 7 4 thousand men and ceiling fans, dishwasher _ NEW YORK Hotel

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At the end of the Korean team’s warm-up and after the game, Barcelona non-stop rush to China from South Korea to begin “2010 Audi Barcelona China Tour.” As the 2009 “six-time winner”, Barcelona extremely popular in China, NetEase is also the first time Watch sports at the airport waiting for the Chinese fans.

Barcelona arrived in Beijing Chinese fans enthusiasm generated by [Sports Photo Center] Meet in Beijing China Barcelona fans

In addition to cottage version of Puyol, and fans of handheld States Mi Yibu jersey, the scene there are many other Chinese fans are noticeable, they were rushed to Beijing from all over the country made a special trip to Barcelona to see the charisma. Can be said that “traveled”, reminiscent of last summer, the Italian Super Cup grand occasion held in Beijing, and the enthusiasm of fans in China.

In the Capital Airport, NEW YORK, interviewed several Chinese fans. A “90,” the little girl said, she was still in college, this time specifically to Beijing to watch the Barcelona game. August 4 she came to Beijing from the header, immediately after the train went to the airport. The failure to book a return ticket, only 11, and then go home, so need to 7 days stay in Beijing, is expected to cost 4,000 yuan. Although the costs if the relatively large, but the little girl seemed very happy, she said he liked Barcelona and Lionel Messi.

There is a 20-year-old boy, also made a special trip to see Barcelona’s game from the field for over ten hours by train to Beijing, and related costs in order to raise, he was in Beijing to do summer work in a restaurant. It may be the work of the body tired, but boy am very values. “I love Barcelona, and their technology is superb, very elegant style of play.” Fees earned by their own efforts, not only saw the ball, but also exercise himself not white boy over the summer.

Fans in the airport in the capital, there are many people continue to gather, or even just the plane. Who lived in the header of the female fans, says that she is just header flew to Beijing, just under the plane to pick you up, one will not stop. With the Chinese fans seem so much passion and concern, Barcelona This time more people paid attention to the Chinese line. (Click to enter the Audi Barcelona China Tour Special)

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