Cause Of Snoring You May Be Surprised

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Cause Of Snoring You May Be Surprised

Snoring and Alcoholism One of the most common symptoms why people snore is because of their addicting habit towards alcohol. Alcohol as a depressant allows the over relaxation of the muscles which leads a person to snore. Drinking alcohol, aside from the other harmful effects it has, can cause too temporary condition of sleep apnea.

Sleep apnea is the cessation of breathing for short period of times but can get so annoying because it can happen a hundred of times in just one night. If your sleep apnea is induced by your habitual drinking and you think that it will just stop eventually, better think twice because you may be shocked that your condition worsened by just a few months times. Sleep apnea caused by alcohol has the following symptoms: extremely sluggish, shortness of breath and weariness. Prevention is always better than the cure but if the problem is already there, you just have to face the consequences of your negligence.

At first, disciplining yourself by avoiding alcohol can be very challenging, though worth it in the end. If you cannot stop right away, try drinking your bottles of liquor four hours before going to bed. This will enable your body to have that grace period it needs to adjust to the effects of the alcohol. Alcohol can lead to nasal congestion; it also irritates the nasal airway so alcohol can be a serious threat to you and adds to the severity of your snoring.

There are other symptoms of snoring and some its implications on your health.Some of the other risk factors for snoring are:

1. Anti-histamines, sleeping pills, other sedatives and an alcohol at bedtime.

2. Nasal congestion that may go on for days and brought about by allergies and colds.

3. Swollen tonsils and adenoids that block the airway.

4. Overweight can contribute to the development of excess tissues near the nasal passage leaving your airways blocked.

5. Last month of pregnancy, if you are pregnant, can also cause you to snore.

6. Age can contribute greatly to your snoring since your muscles grow with age.

If you wish to stop your snoring, there are of ways and means available for you up for grabs. The only key is to put your mind to addressing your snoring problems and focus on being disciplined because without it nothing can be effective for you. You are the only one who can help yourself. Some of the effective self-care tips that you can do to stop your snoring are as follows:

• Practice healthy living and athletic lifestyle and turn away from your old bad ways of abusing your body. This will help you develop your muscles and lose some of those extra pounds.

• Do not take anti-histamines medications, tranquilizers, sleeping pills and other sedatives before going to bed because these greatly contribute to your snoring.

• Four hours before retiring, avoid drinking alcohol and eating heavy meals because this can cause you to relax your muscles overly, make you sleep and snore.

• Make it a habit to sleep on your side rather that your back to avoid blocking of your airways.

• Recline your bed upward about four inches to aid your breathing while sleeping. If you want to live your life away from the disturbing nights you have because of your tremendous snoring, start changing your lifestyle for the better and kiss your snoring goodbye.

It is not funny as others may think but it is never hopeless too. Hope this info helps you. For All your snore cure by the ebook it really works.

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I’m not a doctor i’m here to pass on some helpfull information to everyone. My Dad snoring would get so loud i had to put cotton in my ears to sleep when i was little. So i know how alot you feel. This may help someone then again it may not. This is some helpfull information i have found.

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