C-section Relaxation: Preparing for Your Surgery

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C-section Relaxation: Preparing for Your Surgery

Moms that deliver babies vaginally are presented with loads of advice for preparation. They’re offered pre-natal classes and help through books that they read.  The classes prepare them for relaxing and natural pain relief with various techniques such as breathing, hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and visualization techniques for the labor and for the birth.  

But, what about women that need to have emergency or planned c-sections instead?  They need TLC and relaxation help as well!
The Cesaream surgery is a big deal and because you’re almost guaranteed to be wide awake during the procedure, it can be stressful! 

Here are some tips to help you whether you’re having a planned caesarean or in case you find yourself in an emergency surgery situation.

Take The Classes Anyway!

Most women who don’t expect to have a c-section would typically take pre-natal classes to help them prepare for a safe and healthy childbirth. However, if you need to have a planned c-section, you might not think it’s worth your trouble to take pre-natal classes, but remember, there are some great techniques taught in those classes that can help you regardless of whether you’re in active labor or not.

Depending on where you live there may even be classes that are geared to a planned or elective caesarean. 


There are some awesome relaxation sounds that you can play on an MP3 player or aloud during preparation for the surgery.  Music and other sounds can be very soothing when a situation is otherwise stressful. Slow and deep breathing can be helpful as well in terms of keeping your heart rate and blood pressure at a healthy pace which, by the way, will help with the baby’s vital signs as well. 

The relaxation CD or MP3 recordings can also be helpful to you as can relaxation exercises such as deep breathing and visualization.


One of the most important aspects of dealing with a new situation is being prepared with knowledge of what is going on.  If you at least prepare yourself with knowledge about the surgery and what to expect, this can help significantly. 

It can be frightening to think about being cut open and about not knowing what is going on behind the curtain that is up below your waist.  Many women are afraid they’ll feel the pain, but also the incision itself and the loss of sensation in your legs after a spinal block can sometimes induce an anxiety attack.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions when you go for your hospital registration and research information about preparation and procedures during the surgery.

When a c-section is planned the hospital staff will often talk to you through the procedure because it will be at a more relaxed pace than during an emergency when every moment counts.


Having your spouse or birthing partner in the room during your c-section can be very soothing and reassuring.  The procedure itself doesn’t typically take very long but it can feel like it takes a long time when you’re not sure what is going on.  A supportive birth partner can make a big difference in how stressful or relaxing the experience is for you.

Planning Ahead

When you plan ahead and you’re prepared yourself for a c-section or the potential for an emergency cesarean, you’ll be less stressed.  Because recovery time is longer than with a vaginal birth you might prepare by having help around the house and preparing for living as much on one floor of your home as possible.

For the first few weeks you cannot pick up anything heavier than your baby and planning around this possibility will make things easier in those first few weeks after the baby and you are home and getting acquainted with one another.

Statistics have shown that women suffer a much lesser degree of emotional stress and depression from having a c-section if they are prepared for the process, meaning they fully understand why their c-section is needed and take part in the decisions being made.

Relaxation techniques, knowledge, support and a bit of planning can go a long way together in helping your baby’s birth experience be as stress-free as possible.

Elizabeth is the creator and author of The Worry Free C-Section , an essential guide to c-section planning, recovery comfort, care & support. Put your c-section fears to rest with this practical yet powerful C-Section Recovery guide.

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