Business Tip #4: Determine Your Audience

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Decide who you will be marketing your product or service to…young adults, parents, businesses, CEO’s, seniors, etc. It’s much easier to sell to a specific audience rather than to everyone.

You can us Google Trends,, to find out the trends in your market. It will not only tell you the ebb and flow of your market, but also in which area of the world your product or service is most searched for.

Your answer may come to you as simply as typing into the Google search box “Who buys xxx product” and you might be surprised to find out someone already answered the question for you.

If not you may have to dig a bit further to expand your search in Google. For example, you might want to join a forum that relates to your industry and find out what type of people are members of that forum. Search the forum for trends and ask questions that will help you determine what audience is best suited for your product or service. You can find these groups at

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