Business Tip #1: Find Your Niche

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When it comes to finding your niche most people over complicate this and end up discouraged before they even start. Heck, some people get caught up just trying to decide whether to say nitch or neesh!

A great way to discover possible niches is to write out your interests, your skills, your connections (family, friends, classmates, co-workers), and try different ways of combining them into a problem you would enjoy helping other people solve. Essentially, what you’re looking for is found in the answer to this question: What do you have an interest in that also has a large number of people willing to open up their wallets and get their cards out?

While you may be passionate about Italian bocce ball sets or enjoy collecting them as a hobby, the rest of the world might not agree. I mean that’s a pretty small niche with less than 100 searches performed a month. A lot of times you can combine several related interests into something that is unique and solves a particular problem.

Having a niche allows you to be the “go to” man or woman in a particular area. Why is it so important to choose something that you’re passionate about doing? Because it’s the only way you’re going to be able to devote the kind of time and effort need to create a meaningful business and web site, build up the right traffic, generate worthwhile income, and enjoy what you’re doing.

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