Building Self Esteem – 5 Guidelines To Get Out Of The Vicious Circle

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Building Self Esteem – 5 Guidelines To Get Out Of The Vicious Circle

As the experts say, self-esteem is the way in which a person feels & thinks about himself or herself. The psychologists have proved that self-esteem develops most effectively in one’s childhood. Majorly it is determined by how the individual has been treated by his surrounding people, especially the parents.

While there is no statistical evidence, it won’t be wrong to say that many individuals in today’s world suffer with low self esteem, even in the developed nations like US and UK. This affects their lives drastically as it disturbs all the facets of one’s life, whether professional or personal. These affects are as follows:

a. Loss of his/her confidence.
b. Loss of the ability to make & relationships such as friendships & romance.
c. No career development.
d. Ill work performance.
e. Unhappy & unsatisfactory life.

Actually, self-esteem is deep rooted with ones belief in their ‘self.’ With the increasing doubts & uncertainties on one self, the capacity keeps on lowering. This is the key lack of self esteem.

Here are some ways & means to build your self esteem and get out of the vicious circle:

1. Positive Self Imaging

This is one of the most effective means to build self esteem in any individual. Positive self image implies the agreeable and / or the favorable view of your ‘self’. For this you can count on your talents, abilities and the physical attributes. You have to see them all as your strengths not the weaknesses.

Explaining this the other way round, a person with healthy self-esteem would surely be able to love or at least like himself or herself, just the way they are. In case you dislike your ‘self’ for any reason, you can never have a high self esteem.

2. Avoid All Negative Thoughts.

In order to get rid of all the negative thoughts, recognize them the moment they strike your mind. It is not that you have to throw away these thoughts as this is practically not possible. You have to try to replace these negatives with some positive ones. For instance, you are initiating some work and have doubts regarding its success, replace the doubts with confidence & self belief.

3. Do Not Make the Negative Thoughts a Habit.

In case the negative thoughts continue to linger on in your mind for quite long, they tend to become a habit. Then it indeed becomes very difficult to get rid of them.

4. Give Your Self Some Positive Affirmations.

To deal with your negative thoughts tell you self some positive affirmations. That means that you have to suggest your self some positive beliefs & ideas. These must be read aloud or should be recited repeatedly.

For instance, here is one positive affirmation, that you can give yourself everyday:

Everyday, in every way, I’m getting better & better.

5. Spend Time With Supportive Relatives & Friends.

Improving your self-esteem also becomes easy when you hang out with the positive & supportive friends & relatives. This is perhaps the most effective means of boosting your morale in terms of self-esteem. Their words of encouragement & praises would do wonders to the self-esteem. The love & understanding definitely makes you more powerful than the affirmations & the positive thoughts. Also sometimes knowing that some one believes in you, it increases your self confidence.

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