Britney Spears and the Law of Attraction

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Britney Spears and the Law of Attraction

Britney Spears. Oh the tongue-wagging that goes on in supermarket checkout lines these days as moms across America breathe a collective sigh, thankful (with the possible exception of the fame and the money) that Miss Spears is somebody else’s problem. Thankful that their daughters, while troublesome in their own right, haven’t reached the melting point of a Spears kid. (Little sister Jamie Lynn, 16, is reportedly expecting another little Spears.)

Aren’t we just full of ourselves; such great parents are we!

And didn’t you just love it when Momma Spears got her parenting book unceremoniously yanked from publication? Oh, the irony.

The most ironic thing, however, has absolutely nothing to do with the Spears family and what we perceive to be (actually, judge) their shortcomings. As a society, we are collectively making sport of their pain and are gleefully judging each failing move they make in order to validate and overlook our own mistake-filled worlds. This is classic Law of Attraction, but not in a good way.

Britney can be forgiven. She is a child who has grown up in a spotlight of cruelty, as everyone from the media, bus drivers, foreign governments, and fast food workers have “scornfully” weighed in on every negative stumble she has taken, impatient for the next chapter. It’s all nothing more than a heaping Roman helping of bread and circuses to them; to Britney Spears, it is her life.

So who or what is a Britney Spears? She is, like any of us, a product of all that surrounds her. She is human, and she is hurting. She is immature and foolish sometimes, and her demons are worn upon her sleeve for all to see. This makes her more honest than most. She tries, but without a level support system, she oftentimes fails. (That’s the part we like; it makes us feel so much better about ourselves!)

Britney Spears, besides fighting a hostile media and disingenuousness all around her, is also fighting a terrible disease. Whether she wins the fight, or is too tired to fight any longer, she remains in the boxing ring of alcoholism and drug abuse. I don’t think she even tries to hide it anymore.

We would look at her (judge her) in an entirely different light were she afflicted with cancer or leukemia; you know, an approvable disease. But no matter how much the medical field classifies substance abuse as a disease, it is still looked down upon and only becomes a disease when it is our own, or someone’s we care about.

So what is the answer, both for Britney as well as for us? Because to suggest the insatiable thirst of enjoying ringside seats with the downfall of the Spears family as the main event as anything but a two-way street is completely dishonest. We need Britney to fall, just as much as she needs us to take her by the hand and help her off the ground. Left to its own devices, this scenario has just one end, and look no farther than Anna Nicole Smith or Elvis if you want to know what that is. Then, when that happens, we’ll all enjoy 24-hour news cycle coverage as we again cluck our tongues and judge some more.

There is another alternative, however. And it will salve both sides of this sick fence.

The Law of Attraction promises that whatever we desire, as long as the feelings and thoughts are directed and true, that the Universe will provide us with whatever we want.

We have all wanted what we have gotten with the ongoing Spears train wreck, and this is true on both sides. We have attracted this, and so has Britney, her sister, their mother, all of the boyfriends, and all of the hangers-on who have profited from their misery. We have all been excellent attractors, and continue to do so as the game gets ratcheted up to the point that the next stop will be the Los Angeles County Coroners Office. How many have thought when Britney has permanently left the stage, Jamie Lynn Spears is waiting in the wings to assume the starring role. Haven’t we all had enough of this?

We deserve better of ourselves, and those two wonderful girls and their families deserve better, too. Let’s stop this now. We collectively created it; can we not turn it around and each enjoy life as it is meant to be enjoyed?

It’s not too late, and if by providence the Spears sisters read this article, please, girls, take your power back and refuse to be a part of this putrid pantomime and live! Live your lives and focus on your wonderful babies, your most beautiful creations ever. Use what the Universe gave you and live the Law of Attraction in a positive way. You’ve already proven how talented you are when it comes to manifesting the Law of Attraction; now it’s time to use it positively and reclaim your lives.

We can also want this for them, can’t we? We can want and think and feel the thoughts that will help them manifest this wonderful gift. Can’t we do that for them? And if not for them, can’t we wish it for their children?

The Law of Attraction is everyone’s gift from the Universe, and it is no less a gift for the girls who seemingly already have everything. The Law of Attraction is for Britney, too.

Lee McCain is a full time instructor and lecturer in applying the Law of Attraction, or better known as the Secret, in your life to attain whatever you desire. Lee and his wife, Beth, have a great radio show on Youtube that is both entertaining as well as informative on the subject of the Law of Attraction. Please visit: Beth and Lee McCain Law of Attraction Web Site

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