Benefits of Losing Weight

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Benefits of Losing Weight

When you lose weight you look good, feel good mentally and physically as well as become more healthy. When you are overweight there are a number of diseases and other health risks.

Your heart is at risk when you have high blood pressure and/or high cholesterol. Add the fact that both high blood pressure and/or high cholesterol run in your family, if you are overweight and out of shape, you run a very high risk of developing these. If you choose to lose weight you will dramatically reduce the risks.

If one is morbidly obese, you run the risk of congenital heart disease. By losing weight you will help ward off the odds of having a stroke or heart attack.

If you currently have arthritis, when you lose weight you will most likely feel the difference in your pain. When you weigh less you are putting less stress on your joints which in turn will make your arthritis pain lower.

Those that have diabetes have lost weight and even went off of having to use insulin. If diabetes runs high in your family, it is wise to try to stay in shape to prevent it or to be able to control diabetes through diet and exercise.

Losing weight will help prevent you from developing sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is where one literally stops breathing during sleep.

When you are in shape you feel better about yourself. Your self esteem rises and you are a happier person. When you look great you feel great. No longer do you have to dream of looking like you want to, you can do it. Imagine being at a party or some type of get together. You will become more outgoing when your self esteem rises. You will have more fun and you will be more fun to other people.

No longer will you have to dread running into people you have not seen in awhile. No longer will you have to dress to try to hide your fat. You will feel great being able to wear clothes that you want to, not clothes you feel you have to.

You will also have more energy to do more things and keep up with your friends, family and children.

As you can see losing weight can help prevent diseases and/or lower the severity of symptoms. You will feel better mentally and physically and simply start to enjoy life much more.

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