Beliefs Disrupt The Law Of Attraction

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Beliefs Disrupt The Law Of Attraction

Your beliefs can interfere with you manifesting the laws of attraction. Keeping you from happiness, loving relationships, or the level of wealth you want. The beliefs that are in direct opposition to what you seek in life. These are the ones you learned from childhood from what you saw, thought, and what was repeatedly told to you.

If you have a limiting belief you will go about making it true no matter what. If you believe all men are cheaters those are the kind of men that will seek you out. If you believe you do not deserve happiness, each time you are near it you’re sure to find fault or cause a negative circumstance. Even though your conscious mind is now on finding your current idea of a healthy relationship.

From the law of attraction you find out that you literally attract what you think about and believe. You have but to look at you life and you will find out that which you truly believe versus what you think you do. Since there is no recognition of the word no you must be careful of your thinking and keep it all in a positive direction of your needs. Never anything you don’t want. Thoughts of I do not want to be poor, or I do not want to be alone will lead directly to those things.

In what situations do you feel the least comfort? What patterns keep repeating for you? This is where you will find limiting beliefs. Those times when you automatically say No, I can’t do that, without even thinking about it. Those I can’t, I shouldn’t, I don’t deserve, etc. Are the thoughts that stand in the way.

You can spend years working on the thought that you are wealthy and concentrate on wealth and never achieve it. This is due to your limiting beliefs. Let’s take a little far fetched example. You want to fly and you keep your mind centered on flying. Don’t jump off anything high and think that belief will sustain you. Underneath all that positive thinking is the ingrained belief that you cannot fly. People simply cannot.

Your current life is a result of what you really think. The laws of attraction bring results when your beliefs and what you focus your mind on are in harmony. Finding the limiting beliefs and bringing them to light can help dispel them. Once they are out of the subconscious you can start to make real progress.

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I was in the audience of the taping of the oprah winfrey show on the secret by applying the Law of attraction. Love you Oprah!
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