Attention Suspicious Husbands! Learn If She’s Cheating – 5 Astonishing Signs of an Unfaithful Wife

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Attention Suspicious Husbands! Learn If She’s Cheating – 5 Astonishing Signs of an Unfaithful Wife

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The suspicion that your wife is having an affair is like a parasite, eating at the back of your mind and heart, demanding attention. If you’re tired of wondering whether or not your wife is actually being loyal to you or not, then these signs of an affair will give you the truth.

She Becomes Secretive, Like Someone with Something to Hide

There’s a big difference between someone who’s just trying to plan a surprise birthday party, and someone who’s having an extramarital affair. If your wife is having thoughts about other men, and is actively communicating with an extramarital lover, then you’re bound to see signs of secrecy displayed by your wife.

She’s going to be lying to you, so be prepared to sniff it out!

Her Schedule Seems Determined at the Flip of a Coin

Does your wife always seem to be changing up her schedule? Week by week, do you notice distinct differences in the amount of time it takes for your wife to return home from work, or other time consuming obligations?

If so, then chances are that you’ve found a good sign that your wife is doing something other than you.

She Doesn’t Desire Time With You

Think back to when you were first married to your wife…What was it like? Did she spend a lot of time with you? My guess is that both of your were equally excited to see each other, and that you always had a fair amount of energy for your partner.

However, women (or anyone I suppose) tend to be very bad at juggling 2 men at once. They’re not going to be able to put on a convincing show for you and convince you that they care. If your wife seems much more distant than normal, then this could be why.

Her Lies Are Inconsistent

Unless your wife has a secret book that she uses to keep track of every word out of her mouth, then chances are she’s going to mix up her stories. That is, if she is lying to you.

It’s almost impossible to keep a like going for an extended period of time…It’ll require more lying and more lying, until there’s just nothing left but the fact of your wife’s affair.

Listen, no one is good at lying. It takes a LOT of effort to keep a false story true, and it takes even more effort to keep a bunch of false stories true. Chances are that your wife will slip up and give you the ONE inconsistency that you need to confirm your suspicions.

A Woman’s Intuition Never Lies, and Neither Does a Man’s

You know how they always say, “A woman’s gut never tells a lie”? Maybe you haven’t heard that exact saying before, but I’m betting that you’ve heard something similar.

Well, the same is true for men, too. Basically, if you’re already suspicious of your spouse, then chances are that you’ve got a very good reason for it, even if your mind doesn’t really know it yet.

What’s the Next Step? Finding Court-Worthy Evidence, Of Course!

Basically, what I’ve given you here is enough for you to figure out whether or not your wife is being honest with you. You should know by now just how likely it is that your wife is cheating on you or not. However, that’s only half the battle. You now need to get indisputable proof of an affair.

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