Atenas Costa Rica Pure Life Development presents

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Atenas Costa Rica Pure Life Development presents

The AARP (American Association of Retired People) a powerhouse lobbyist group and influential opinion maker in the United States recently voted Atenas Costa Rica one of the best places to retire in the world. That’s right “The World.” Having just returned from a family vacation in Atenas I am here to tell you why I agree.

First of all our hosts Dennis and Gerardo of Pure Life Development in Atenas were really helpful in making this vacation special. I live on the beach in Costa Rica in the flamingo Beach area and I have been trying to get my mother to fly (no easy task) here for a visit for years. While the journey from the beach to Atenas was only three hours we felt like we were entering a different world. Costa Rica possesses 5 distinct micro climates and is only the size of West Virginia. To put this in to perspective North America in its entirety has only 4 micro climates. So entering the cloud forest environment of Atenas was truly breathtaking and while mom had a little trouble with the winding mountainous roads that got us there, once we were ensconced in our mountain top home she never wanted to leave.  I can only describe this house as a cross between a zen garden, tropical bungalow, and cloud forest tree house all rolled in to one. You really felt a part of the jungle as the house was essentially carved in to the mountain while leaving the natural landscape intact. The views of sweeping and unpopulated mountainscape were incredible and the wildlife was all around. Toucans showed up at 6 am every morning like clockwork and the Pochotes were almost as regular eating the fruits off the trees just off the patio. Incredible.

The AARP mentioned and elucidated on the following 4 categories

Cost of Living

Higher than other Central American countries—and the government has pulled back somewhat on its once-fabled retiree benefits—but still affordable. Expats report living comfortably on ,000 a month. Domestic and garden help: to per hour. Dinner for two: .

Housing Costs

Attractive houses can be found for 0,000; a three-bedroom, two-bath house in a gated community costs about 0,000 (prices much higher on Gold Coast). Rentals: Year-round rents can be as low as 0 per month or as much as ,000 per month, depending on location and size.

Health Care

Excellent. Costa Rica is known for the quality of its health care. Many doctors and dentists have trained in the United States or Europe. The private hospitals Cima San José and Clinica Biblica in San José are accredited by the United States’ Joint Commission (JCAHO). Residents can belong to inexpensive CAJA, the national health service, but private insurance is widely used.

Culture and Leisure

Abundant outdoor activities, from rain-forest hiking, zip-lining, scuba diving, and fishing to golf and bird-watching. Nightlife, theater, concerts, and museums in San José.


We would just like to say thank you to our hosts at Pure Life Development and would encourage anyone to visit this true paradise.

Presented by Your friends at Health Check Costa Rica

Pure Life Development is the number one Real Estate concern in Atenas Costa Rica. Dennis Gerardo and their crew can help with any real estate need and are ready to help you plan your tours, vacations or really anything you need in Atenas.

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