Asthma And Swine Flu Shot

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Asthma And Swine Flu Shot

Asthma And Swine Flu Shot

The main problem with asthma symptoms is that, it can present itself in forms that would lead you to believe that it’s more related to other conditions rather than asthma; Asthma And Swine Flu Shotthereby leading to self medication which leads nowhere and does nothing except maybe worsen the case. Here are some of the most common and misleading symptoms that asthma can present itself in:

Coughing that worsens during nighttime: Dry unproductive cough to be exact. If you experience coughing that tends to worsen during the night, that just comes and goes without warning, then you should think twice before chugging down that cough medication as it might be worsening your asthma.

Sleep apnea: Sleep apnea is a common disorder where there are one or more pauses in breathing or shallow breaths during sleep. The pauses in breathing can usually last from a few seconds to minutes and can occur from about 5 to 30 times during the episode. Many people have led themselves to believe that this difficulty in breathing is more related to restlessness caused by insomnia rather than by asthma.

Lack of air: if you find yourself catching your breath after minimal or even without any activity, then its time to think about getting an expert opinion as to what it really is. Asthma when starting can be difficult to determine allowing people to miss most of its signs and giving it the chance to worsen. Shortness of breath is one of its most common and earliest warning signs, that’s why it would be in your best interest to have it checked rather than wait for it to get worse.

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Chronic fatigue: One of the most misleading signs of asthma. Since chronic fatigue is more related to stress, most people tend to miss this symptom until the first full blown asthma attack occurs. Although it is normal to feel tired after a hard days work, the chronic fatigue that asthma can bring is present even with sufficient rest and even without the presence of stress. If you often feel tired for no particular reason at all, get a second opinion immediately.

Changes in breathing pattern: one of the most telling yet difficult to determine asthma symptom as it can come and go without warning and the changes sometimes are so slight that most people would just tend to disregard it. As time goes on though, this symptom can worsen and contribute to asthma attacks when not given proper attention early on.

There are many other asthma signs and symptoms that you should probably take note of but if you feel either one or two of these symptoms frequently then it wouldn’t be wise to wait for any other symptoms to show. Get yourself examined immediately so that something can be done early on.

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