Art Of Tantra: Worship The Feminine

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Art Of Tantra: Worship The Feminine

The symbolic union of male and female energies within as a meditative form and expanding to all levels of consciousness, thereby unveiling the supreme reality of creation is the basis of Tantra.

It unifies the masculine and feminine aspects within us, to help us transcend into the oneness of the Divine.

The principle of the Feminine is explained in Shakti Tantra as; “Ya Devi Sarva Bhuteshu, Shakti Rupena Samstita, Namastaseh, namastaseh, namastaseh, namo namaha” (Prostrations unto Thee, O Divine Mother Goddess, who dwells in all matter in the form of Shakti).  

Devi Rahasyam states that Shakti is MahaKali, the great Goddess, creating the three principles or gunas: sattvas, rajas and tamas. They create the fabric of the universe. Tantra Rahasya explains Tantra as “Tanyate vistaryate jnanam anemna iti tantram” (Tantra is the divine scripture by which the light of spiritual knowledge is spread).

Lord Shiva is considered the founder of Tantra. At its heart is the philosophy of the Upanishads.

The Agama shastras are the backbone all rituals. Agama comprises: Jnana (knowledge); Yoga (meditation); Kriya (consecration of idols, rituals); Karya (ways of worship).

MahaKali is considered the foremost aspect of the Divine Goddess: pure energy, pure spirit. She is worshipped in any of Her 10 aspects: Kali, Tara, Shodasi, Bhuvaneshvari, Bhairavi, Chinnamasta, Dhumavati, Bagala, Matangi and Kamala.

Tantric scriptures — Kaulavalinirnaya Tantra, Niruttara Tantra and the Rudrayamala.

Tantra tells us that the universe we are a part of is Brahman: the infinite Supreme Consciousness, manifest through the cosmic union of male and female energies of Shiva, Eternal Consciousness, and Shakti, feminine energy.

Thus Tantra unites all of reality, when everything attained on the physical level also crosses into the spiritual level, as integral to each other.

Acharya Subhojit Dasgupta is a Tantra Teacher with an in-depth knowledge of traditional Indian sciences and Sanskrit literature. Visit his tantra online guide for Tantra Lessons, kriyas and mudras from this young Tantra Master.

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