Are You Losing Your Motivation for Losing Weight? – 10 Tips to Get it Back!

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Are You Losing Your Motivation for Losing Weight? – 10 Tips to Get it Back!

Are you having trouble finding the motivation for losing weight? Then keep reading! I know that it can be difficult to persevere with a weight loss plan once the initial enthusiasm begins to wane, but it can be done. This article gives ten weight loss motivation tips that will help you to keep going and reach your goal.

1. Reward yourself. Take small steps towards your goal, and make sure that you give yourself some reward (not food!) at each stage along the way. Losing weight can seem like an endless task, especially if you’ve got a lot to lose, so it’s important that you enjoy a sense of achievement even before you reach your goal weight.

2. Dress well. When your larger sized clothes become too loose, get rid of them. Many people have a wardrobe full of clothes of different sizes, but if you hang onto your ‘fat clothes’, you’re sending your subconscious mind the message that you are expecting to gain the weight back. Also, don’t wait until you’re at your goal weight before you purchase some really nice new clothes – try to get at least one new piece of clothing that you really like with every dress size that you drop. You don’t have to spend a lot if money is an issue, but just a few new (or new to you) well-fitting, flattering pieces of clothing can really boost your confidence and inspire you to continue.

3. Focus on how you feel. Stay focused on how good your body feels as you start to lose weight. Many overweight people generally feel a bit tired and uncomfortable in their bodies, and as you lose the pounds, you’ll feel better and better (that’s assuming that you’re using a healthy diet and exercise plan). If you focus on these improvements in your day to day quality of life, you’ll feel motivated to stay the course and enjoy even more energy and a greater sense of wellbeing as time goes on. Remember that there’s more to weight loss than just numbers on the scale or smaller dress sizes; it’s also about increasing your sense of physical and mental vitality.

4. Exercise. Make an effort to take a bit of exercise on most days. This might involve dredging up some willpower in the beginning, but after you’ve made it a habit, you’ll find that the great boost to your mood that exercise provides will give you a strong motivation to continue. Exercise doesn’t have to be a chore, and you don’t have to wear yourself out – choose an activity that you enjoy, and just do 10 or 15 minutes each time to start with.

5. Use personally meaningful incentives. For example, if looking good is important to you, you might find it helpful to hang one or more items of clothing in your ideal size, somewhere where you’ll see it often (although for others, this could be a depressing reminder of where they currently are). But if you like clothes, this can be a good incentive to continue.

6. Focus on your health. A lot of people are motivated to lose weight primarily because they want to look thinner, but it’s also worth considering the long and short-term health implications of being overweight, and the benefits (such as reduced risk of diseases such as heart problems, joint problems, some types of cancer, etc.,) that you’ll gain if you slim down. You’ll also have lots more energy, and may feel better mentally too.

7. Boost your confidence. In some cases, losing weight can help a person to feel more confident. If your confidence is being negatively affected by your weight, you may find it motivating to think about how much more at ease you’ll be in social situations once the excess is lost, and think about enjoying all the positive attention you’ll receive. You can also feel better about yourself right now by focusing on those aspects of your body, your life and yourself that you love just as they are. This is important, as many people overeat to mask feeling bad about themselves, so some positive self-talk can make it less likely that they’ll turn to food to feel better.

8. Try keeping a food diary. This is a very effective way to become aware of your eating habits, and it’s a great tool for motivation, as you’re less likely to overeat or eat mindlessly – and the more often you eat well, the easier it’ll be to continue.

9. Get some support. There are so many people who are in the same boat, and it can really help a lot to have somebody to talk to at those times when you just feel like giving up on the whole thing. There are several options here – you could join a formal support group, get together in an informal group with some friends, or join some of the many online weight loss forums and other communities.

10. Enjoy your food. Forget about ‘going on a diet’, and instead find a way of eating that you actually enjoy, and can stick with over the long term. Also, make sure you allow yourself some of your favourite foods as treats. Any weight loss plan that’s overly strict is very de-motivating. It’s certainly important to establish healthy eating habits, but you shouldn’t charge headlong into some extreme regime that no normal person could stick with for more than a few days at a time. You’ll be much less likely to over-indulge or binge if you’re enjoying what you’re eating on a day to day basis.

So, if you feel discouraged with your weight loss journey at times, don’t beat yourself up – this is normal, and happens to most people. Just be nice to yourself, and keep the above points in mind, and you’ll find it easier to maintain your motivation for losing weight, making the whole process much more straightforward.

You can find more weight loss motivational tips, as well as info about the best ways to lose weight at Fat Loss Choices. And if you want a healthy, balanced and enjoyable eating plan that helps you to maintain your initial motivation for losing weight, check out Strip That Fat – you can read my in-depth Strip That Fat review here.

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