Are You Looking For Miracles?

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Are You Looking For Miracles?

Many people that get interested in self help or improvement literature are really looking for miracle cures or quick fixes to their life and unfortunately,  this does not usually happen in this way.  Self help.  Notice the word self involved?  That means that YOU are the key to your own success and your own destiny.  You can learn ways to help produce the things that you want,  but the results always depend upon YOU!

It may sound so simple,  but you find that many people fall for the things that do not work because they imply that they will magically solve all your problems and yada yada yada.  The sales techniques have been around and they still work.  If you want to get real improvements in your life,  you have to get around these pitches and realize that YOU are the key.

The Law of Attraction is a good example of this as 95% of the products designed around the law of attraction present themselves as magical cure alls where you really don’t have to put forth ANY effort at all.  And what do you think the success rate is for products that push this idea?  Not very good at all.

You cannot deny or go around the laws that govern this world and one of those is the law of cause and effect.  There will be a result for every action that you take and if you take the wrong actions,  you will produce the wrong results.  And sitting around waiting for your special secret techniques to work does not replace the results that come from taking real steps towards the things that you want to achieve.

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