Anxiety Attack Medication: The Truth That Lies Beneath

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Anxiety Attack Medication: The Truth That Lies Beneath

If you are experiencing panic attacks, then the first question you will ask the doctor is; can I be totally cured of panic attacks. You have to be prepared to mentally to take a negative answer because most doctors will tell you that it is just next to impossible to cure panic attacks. However, they will surely tell you that you can keep the panic attacks under control. For a person suffering from frequent bouts of panic attacks, keeping the symptoms of panic attacks under control is top priority.


Doctors are the best guides because they have the qualifications and the skills to help you control the panic or anxiety attacks. Most doctors will start with the basic treatment of anxiety attacks and prescribe few basic anxiety attack medications. The doctor then monitors the progress of these medications and may prescribe better medications if the symptoms of anxiety attacks are not under control. The treatment for anxiety attacks may take some time especially with the basic medications, so you need to be a little patient.


After the doctors give you the medication for anxiety attacks, you need to take the medications very diligently. Common medications that are prescribed for the treatment of anxiety attacks are from the class of medications called Benzodiazepines. One of the major advantages of using Benzodiazepines is that it shows positive signs for approximately 80 percent of patients. Common worries that patients have is the issues of overdoses. With Benzodiazepines, patients do not have to worry much about the overdose if it happens accidentally.


Most Benzodiazepines are quick acting and give immediate relief to the patients suffering from anxiety or panic attacks. However, taking Benzodiazepines for a very long period may have serious reverberations and cause loss of muscle coordination in some patients. Some patients may also show some cognitive impairment when they take Benzodiazepines for extended periods of times. Common side effects of Benzodiazepines are as follows:

Decreased mental sharpness
Drowsiness or lethargy
Decrease in coordination


During the Benzodiazepines treatment, you must reduce or completely stop the consumption of alcohol. Consumption of alcohol can add to the drowsiness that is felt during the Benzodiazepines treatment. Intake of narcotic substances is a big no during the Benzodiazepines treatment because there can be various drug interactions causing serious health problems. On the sexual front, Benzodiazepines may cause you to lose interest in sexual intercourse. This is the major concern amongst patients who are advised the Benzodiazepines treatment.


If you feel that the anxiety attack medication is not working for you and that you are becoming too dependent on the medications, then you can try out other alternative treatments. Common alternative treatments are yoga, meditation, breathing exercises, and hypnosis. Most of the alternative treatments will give you good relief from the symptoms of anxiety attacks, but you will have to devote a lot of time for such therapies.


Yoga is one very good therapy that is being widely used for the treatments of panic and anxiety attacks. You can join the yoga classes or get few VCDs or DVDs on yoga basics from video libraries. If you don’t have any yoga classes near your house, you can buy the VCDs or DVDs from online video stores and practice yoga on your own. Just watching the videos is not sufficient; you will have to spend some time regularly—either in the early mornings or late evenings.


After practicing yoga for few months, many people have got good relief from panic or anxiety attacks. Many would argue that yoga is the best treatment for anxiety attacks without any side effects. Getting good results from the yoga, does not mean that you practice or extended hours in a day. There have been instances where people have been hospitalized for doing yoga for hours together. You must know all the pros and cons of such alternative therapies before you start doing them.


Hypnosis is also a very good alternative therapy which has gained a lot of popularity these days. You can either go to a therapist who performs the hypnosis on you or you can do self-hypnosis at the luxury of your home. Both the ways, people have got good relief from the symptoms of panic or anxiety attacks.


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