Anemia Disease – What is it and What Can Be Done?

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Anemia Disease – What is it and What Can Be Done?

When feelings of fatigue and tiredness just won’t seem to go away then we need to consider whether we might not be anemic. But what exactly is anemia?

What is Anemia?

Anemia is the term given when the red blood cell count is lower than it should be. Rates vary for men and women. There are different types of anemia which can and do adversely affect various sections of the population.

Symptoms of Anemia

The following symptoms may or may not point to anemia as they can also relate to other medical conditions.

- Tiredness
- Dizziness
- Constant dry mouth
- Headaches
- Pallor
- Coldness

Please check with your doctor for an accurate diagnosis which should include a blood test.

Types of Anemia

Folate Deficiency – Megaloblastic Anemia

In order for red blood cells to grow and function properly, they need a steady supply of folic acid. This is generally obtained naturally through the eating of leafy green vegetables and a balanced diet.

When there is insufficient folic acid intake, our red blood cells can become enlarged and reduced in number. This condition is termed Folate Deficiency Anemia and / or megaloblastic anemia

Iron Deficiency Anemia

Iron is needed in order to help the red blood cells to function properly in their job of carrying oxygen around the body. Generally absorbed within the diet, iron can be stored in the liver.

When absorbed through a properly balanced diet, it is transported to the marrow of the bone where it is processed into haemoglobin, a protein within the blood.

Iron deficiency anemia can occur if not enough iron is consumed or it can be due to blood loss – including heavy menstruation. Women require nearly twice as much iron in their diet as men. Additionally, some people may have difficulty absorbing dietary iron. Visit your doctor to make sure.

Pernicious Anemia

Pernicious anaemia is the result of a lack of Vitamin B12 in the body. It is also known as B12 Deficiency Anaemia. Once diagnosed, it can be treated easily and effectively with vitamin B12 supplements or with B12 intramuscular injections.

Yeast extract or brewer’s yeast tablets can greatly assist, too.

Aplastic Anemia

With aplastic anemia, the bone marrow fails to produce sufficient new red blood cells. With this condition, people have lower blood counts of red and white blood cells, as well as platelets.

Like other forms of anemia, this needs to be diagnosed and treated by a fully qualified medical doctor.

Sickle Cell Anemia

Mainly an inherited condition, sickle cell anemia is a condition where the haemoglobin in the blood is produced in such a way that the cells tend to stick together forming rod like shapes. These have difficulty in travelling through narrow blood veins and can consequently cause blockages.

This can result in pain and feelings of tiredness, as there is insufficient oxygen being carried to all parts of the body. Left untreated, major organs can be seriously affected.

Found mostly in people with darker skins, especially those of African or Caribbean heritage, sickle cell anemia sufferers require long term medical supervision, as there is no cure.

An understanding of the condition as well as maintaining a suitably healthy diet can greatly help, however.

In conclusion, all of this shows that a good balanced diet is a prerequisite in order to prevent some types of Anemia.

Some authorities maintain that meat eaters are less likely to develop anemia than vegetarians, however this cannot be taken as fact due to the vast and varied foods that are consumed by both groups.

A well balanced diet should include plenty of green leafy vegetables, fruit and if possible, oily fish or fish oil supplements.

If you are eating a healthy diet and suspect that you are anemic then a visit to your doctor for a check up and blood test is highly recommended.

IMPORTANT: This information is NOT a replacement for proper nutritional or medical advice. Be sure to consult your doctor or health care advisor if you are experiencing any signs or symptoms of anemia for any length of time.

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