An Introduction to Snoring

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An Introduction to Snoring

Have you had recurrent headaches throughout the work and school day? Or do you suffer from a sense of persistent lethargy the whole day? If you answered yes to any of the questions above, it is very likely that your sleep was not as productive as it could have been. Statistics show that more than half the world’s population snores and as an ex-chronic snorer; I understand the obstacles you face.

Rest assured though, unlike most things in life, snoring can be resolved. For many of you, the solutions are inexpensive and require little effort. I will help you discover the secrets to stop snoring, overcome this problem, and finally take control of your life!

Another important condition I have to inform you about is sleep apnea. Sleep apnea occurs when a sleeping person stops breathing, thus interrupting the normal sleep cycle. Many times throughout the night, the sleeper stops breathing for a few seconds due to the sleeper’s respiratory tract losing muscle tone and partially collapsing.

Snorers often experience sleep apnea and they complain of excessive sleepiness during the day. This is due to a severely impaired sleep as the body is unable to reach stage 4 of sleep which is when rejuvenation of the body takes place (muscle repair, brain development, building of the immunity system etc). Snorers often experience sleep apnea and wake up at night when they run out of breath though they are unable to recall the next morning. Hence, if your bed partner tells you that you snore, don’t take it lightly and laugh it off. It could be a sign of something more serious.

Check out my other articles, where I will talk about numerous other sleep disorders and their solutions!

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