Always feel free to do and be flexible yourselves

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Always feel free to do and be flexible yourselves

It is mere say that people make their limited feeling as their own capability of thought and feeling.

Some are feeling free to give whole world as donation some are even one rupee can spare for the bagger. Because of their false practical life and livelihood, which had been generation and storing since their childhood. Simultaneously it is needless to say that again that harm him for the heavy attachment of their emotion and greediness they suffer lot or feel sorrow, when they are forced to leave the world by God.

The worldly manner creates lot of mal internal physical system functions in running the body and mind smoothly. I t is said that when one tries to escape from any burden or work can never escape from worry, fear, doubt and debt. In the other hand it is also encrypted in various religious secret book that work is the best remedial remedy for the any kind of disease to cure. Because we know that cell and mind never stop working even man in sleeping mood and body tissue are functioning when we are in rest period. Hence stopping the motion or action is not symptom of livingness.

Eternal create us to be always in motion. Universe itself is always in spin and revolve round the biggest stars, so why do you insist yourselves to be motionless life. Molecule or cell of the bodies are always in action or work in a certain diameter. Be active and take risk and get your fortune. Caution is good till you alive but what is the use if you are in die in living.

When you take risk only caution required but not for any common live because it is automatically taking caution by the lord of universe. Needless to say that our all life is mortal but make proper use of it. Live as you wish but consequence always follows us. Good or bad with have to face by us.

When you work indirect some virtual form of work transforms in energy.  Energy is always in move. Also we know that energy neither can be destroyed nor can be created, but certainly can be transforming from one form to another.  It can stop in one position. Factually the nature is itself is a gift of divine energy so we are also the gift of nothing but gift of the nature. Consistently the atoms and molecules of the universe is functioning in Newton’s laws of equalibrilium and maintaining the balance of themselves and balance our livelihood in the Earth.



Factually, it is my consistent effort to help everyone with virtually and physically for the better living with peace and harmony around World without hatred, exploitation corruption.

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Scientist Luis A. Castro: Leader of Truth & Peace
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