All You Need To Know About Sleep Apnea

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All You Need To Know About Sleep Apnea

When a person cannot breathe normally while he or she is sleeping then he or she is suffering from sleep apnea.. So the person is awake every time he or she has to breathe. It is a serious trouble that leads to further complications considering breathing.

He or she has to wake up several times throughout the night in order to gulp in fresh breath of air. Also the patient fails to remember this entire incident of having woken up to breathe. It is the person who rests next to the one suffering from sleep apnea who lets the person know about his or her condition.

The disorder of sleep apnea can become really fatal if not sleep apnea treatment is not provided at the right time.Sleep apnea involves the reducing or at times absolute stoppage of air intake while a person is sleeping. A person suffering from this problem not just faces the possibleness of less sleep in a day but also can die due to inconsistent breathing.

It is a unfortunate disease that lessens the oxygen level in the blood and hence does not allow the person to receive an adequate amount of oxygen to breathe. It is basically a disease that does not allow the patient to breathe for about ten seconds.

Men and women who have sleep apnea tend to snore very loudly. But again they do not remember that they snore. It is just the individual who rests next to the patient who can tell all details about the symptoms that the patient displays. Another element that can direct to sleep apnea is excess weight.

Sleep apnea treatments range from standard methods to surgical procedures. Shedding unnecessary fat is a good way to combat sleep apnea. Avoid alcohol and nicotine to let your air duct be clear and your lungs healthy. One sleep apnea treatment is the continuous positive airway pressure treatment where the patient puts on a mask over the mouth region and an air blower pushes in air through the mask.

The surgical sleep apnea treatments are also very effective in curing the disease. They are generally conducted on patients who have a nasal block or a closed upper airway passage. Somnoplasty and nasal surgery are two sleep apnea surgical treatments.

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Article from We all know that sleep is absolutely critical to feel your best, look your best and perform at your best — every day. A lack of sleep can result in issues such as decreased productivity, creativity and focus, but a continuous lack of sleep can lead to more serious health issues. Here are the solutions to the top seven myths about getting your daily sleep: Myth #1: Snoring may be annoying to a sleep partner, but it is never harmful. Fact: Snoring may be harmless, but it can also be a symptom of a life-threatening sleep disorder called sleep apnea, especially if it is accompanied by severe daytime sleepiness. Sleep apnea, or pauses in breathing while sleeping, prevents air flow, reduces oxygen levels and strains the heart and cardiovascular system, increasing the risk of cardiovascular disease. Solution: Lose weight and if you suspect sleep apnea, get it checked out, for it is treatable. Myth #2: You can “cheat” on the amount of sleep you get. Fact: Sleep experts say that most adults need between seven and nine hours of sleep each night for optimum performance, health and safety. When we don’t get adequate sleep, we accumulate a sleep “debt” that can be difficult to “pay back.” The result: sleep deprivation, which is linked to obesity, high blood pressure, mood swings, decreased productivity and safety issues in the home, on the job and on the road. Solution: Put your body and health first and get to bed early enough for your full eight hours of rest
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