All You Need to Know About Mixed Martial Arts

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All You Need to Know About Mixed Martial Arts

Mixed Martial arts has overtaken World Wrestling Entertainment has the most widely watched combat sport on television. Gone are the hey days of wrestling when thousands of people would do anything possible to lay their hands on a couple of wrestling match tickets or download some WWE or WWF videos. Some lost their minds to the game thinking that all the matches were real, some cynical enough to consider the whole thing to be a staged act. Whatever its detractors thought, it failed to beat the popularity of the sporting event.

Similarly, with MMA where some people forbid others against this sport because, this thrives on the basic principle of feeding off people’s desire to engage in hand-to-hand combat. Let them say whatever crap they want to spill out of their mouth. MMA remains the most popular pay per view sport all over the world. And if you have been unable to get the hang of this sport just because the rules seemed incomprehensible or you were so clued out that the when asked the names of the top fighters, you gave only blank stares, then consult this short guide to up your MMA quotient and amaze your buddies with some unknown trivia.

The concept of Leagues – UFC and Pride

Just like football, this sport too has several organizations controlling the rules of the games and organizing various tournaments at a local as well as global level. These are known as the minor leagues such as in baseball. Hardly two can be called major ones and these are UFC and Pride. Pride is a Japanese organization and it might not have a people’s strength or competition holding capacity in the scale of UFC but it remains the most popular Mixed Martial Arts league in the world. You might ascribe its success to the genesis of the whole genre of martial arts in the eastern hemisphere of the globe, which ensures that some very adept players arise from the land of the samurais.

Last year, Pride was purchased by the Fertita brothers and some connoisseurs of the game claim that this has resulted in an increased standard of competition. Fertitia brothers previously owned the rival league, UFC and now they are in charge of UFC too which means that more and more player swapping will now take place leading to a more intense mixed martial arts tournament.

Americans conceptualize MMA as the Ultimate Fighting Championship league which burst on to the MMA scene way back in 1993 and since then, the sport has actually evolved a long distance. Earlier, there used to be no rules, no stoppage times, and no categories of matches on the basis of athlete weights. Back then, it was a gory battle of gladiators thrown into an arena and people betting on their every move, every stroke. But now, with charismatic martial arts display like Royce Gracie who beat people twice his height and weight with his homegrown technique of combat called Gracie Jiu Jutsu, UFC has finally made it to the top of all gaming leagues in America.

The Mind As a Weapon in Mixed Martial Arts

Like most sports, success at the elite level of Mixed Martial Arts is often determined by the mental game. Many of the prominent MMA superstars hire professional sports psychologists to take their game to the highest level. There are also many “alternative” sports psychology methods that are becoming increasingly popular, including NLP, hypnosis and energy psychology.

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Ed Tseng, Pro of the Year USTA/NJD 2005, peak performance/mental fitness expert and author of “Game. Set. Life.” talks about how you can win more on and off the court.

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