All Mothers Are The Gems Of Life

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All Mothers Are The Gems Of Life

Mother’s day is coming up on May 9th, 2010. It was almost a century ago that a day of celebration was set aside for appreciating Mothers and declared as Mother’s day and it was officially recognized so in 1914 by President Woodrow Wilson.

What is a gem? I am a philosopher, so naturally I try to find meaning for everything I do in life. So, to me life gems are those things that are of value which are precious – like Gemstones. It takes thousands of years for Gems to form naturally in Nature. When I think of Gems I naturally think of Diamonds. There is a subhashitam, “well-said or wise saying” in Sanskrit:

“Harder than the diamond and softer than the flower

Who indeed deserves to (or is able to) understand the hearts of great people?”

I love subhashitams because a lot of meaning is packed in a few terse lines. The implications in the above subhashitam is that great people have hearts harder than a diamond and softer than a flower because their hearts shine with purity radiating beauty and lustrous energy everywhere like a diamond and yet their hearts are full of compassion and soft like a flower. Diamonds take millions of years to form under enormous heat and pressure and are found in volcanic magma that deposits in pipes (wide openings in the earth) or are washed away either by erosion or by nearby waters and are known as ‘alluvial deposits.’ The diamond is compressed carbon in its purest form.

All mothers are great people because they endure like the Mother Earth, a lot of abuse and hardship in their lives in terms of carrying the burden of the child for 9 months and toiling day in and day out for the care of the child. And through it all, they maintain a pleasant countenance and radiate beauty with wisdom and compassion toward their family. A house without a mother indeed is considerably pale and lifeless. That is why I call them gems of life and yes, everyone should count their blessings by appreciating them at least on Mother’s day.

Coming back to the Sanskrit subhashitam, Who is able to understand great people? Only those who know ‘value’ of life gems. To one who does not understand, even a diamond can look like a piece of glass. But one who is aware of human values only can recognize the greatness of a superior being who develops great human values after deep contemplation and hardship in life.

Diamonds can be appreciated only by those who know the value of diamonds and who are refined in their esthetic sense to recognize its beauty. Diamonds, alone by themselves or in combination with other gems, make excellent gifts to give to that someone special in your life or for that special occasion of an anniversary, engagement or graduation or for no reason at all. What a wonderful way to show how much value you give to your friendship or relationship! Diamonds are forever indeed. The giver of a gift is as much blessed as the receiver of the gift.

Did you know diamonds come in all colors besides white? They also come in blue, pink, yellow and black. Mothers everywhere are just as precious no matter what color or form they come in. Celebrate Mother’s Day with a 14K gold Solitaire Ring with natural emerald to mark the occasion.Green signifies prosperity and abundance. May all mothers live in prosperity and abundance.

Usha Prabhakar is Internet Marketer and a Philosopher. She is interested in holistic health and sells Gemstone Jewelry at She is currently offering 10% discount on all products.

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