Achieving Personal Empowerment And Growth Using The Law Of Increase

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Achieving Personal Empowerment And Growth Using The Law Of Increase

The law of increase is about focusing on the infinite supply of potential. The main point of this law is that if other people have consumed the bigger part of the chicken you should get a way to have your own chicken for yourself instead of complaining and getting jealous. When you work with the law of increase, you do not concern yourself with the single chicken everybody is fighting for but you invest your time in finding and preparing more chicken thus personal empowerment and personal development.

At the work place you will find people complaining about their nasty boss, some colleague who is overpaid or another who got promoted and did not deserve it than they did. They throw tantrums and some even resign in protest. Instead of entertaining negative thoughts because of such issues, one should focus on having positive attitude of proceedings rather than getting weighed down by the negative outcomes of things since is will hinder personal development.

You should always have a positive attitude towards everything that happens in your life.

“A positive altitude may not solve every problem but it makes solving any problem a more pleasant experience” – Grant Fairley. It is the right avenue to personal empowerment.

There is a lot of power in thoughts and that is why we are what we think the whole day. As the New Year begins to gather momentum, we should all work on reviewing our thoughts to the things that we endear in life because our thoughts are the basic foundation of achieving personal growth and personal empowerment.

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