Achieving Goals & Aspirations

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Achieving Goals & Aspirations

Achieving your goals depends on several factors:

You should have a specific goal
You have to be sure that you really want to achieve your goal
You need to have a clear mental image of your goal
You need a strong desire
You need to disregard and reject doubts and thoughts about failure
Show confidence and faith and persevere until you gain success

How many people fulfil all the above-mentioned requirements?

Just a few!

Most people do not know that there are some laws governing success, which should be followed.

Achieving your goals shouldn’t be a tough ordeal. In fact, it can be fun and pleasurable, if you go about it in the right way. It is not hard physical work that brings success (although it helps!).

Mental determination and resilience are paramount.

Visualisation and repeating affirmations make up this mental work, and are important stepping-stones to achieving success. When you visualise and affirm, you focus and channel your energies toward your goal. Your mind is geared toward finding solutions to bring your goal into manifestation.

By thinking in a positive manner on your goal, and not letting any doubts enter your mind, your intuition starts working, you see opportunities, and you have energy at your disposal to follow your goals and dreams.

Some people listen to subliminal messages, for programming their minds for success. There are many CD’s available today, which implant subliminal messages into the mind, so as to activate its power. Some people prefer to use them, because this does not require any effort on their part. It is said that these subliminal messages, which go straight to the subconscious mind, bring faster results. Maybe they do, but then you have no control on what goes into your mind.

When you visualise and affirm your goals, you gain much more than just programming your mind passively with subliminal messages. The attention, intention and energy you channel toward visualising and affirming, develop in you inner strength, concentration, willpower and self-discipline. You actively develop your inner powers.

One of the advantages of visualisation and affirmations is that you can use them wherever you are, at any time, without the necessity of any external instruments. All you need is your mind.

Success appears in various ways, sometimes in a miraculous way, sometimes in an ordinary way, and sometimes through an opportunity that appears. A door opens, but you have to get in and take advantage of the opportunity.

Correctly following these methods will bring you more ambition, inspiration and motivation, which would enhance your chances of success.

Remember, there are big goals and there are many small daily goals, which visualisation and affirmations can make them easier and faster to achieve.

People often erroneously think that goals mean only big goals, such as:

becoming wealthy,
getting an expensive car,
possessing a big house with a swimming pool,
building a very successful business.

The truth is that the following are no less important goals:

getting to work on time,
spending more time with the family,
reading a book,
going to see a movie,
eating less.

I hope this has been insightful for you.

Having studied sports psychology at university, it is a subject I am well versed in and could talk about for a long time.  So I will leave it here.  I wish you luck in your goals.  Remain focused, be relentless in your pursuit of your goal/s and be motivated by a “need to achieve”.

Bill is a joint Managing Director of Project Resource Recruitment, a high growth construction recruitment company. Bill focuses on business efficiency, business promotion, improving business and team performance, business growth, competitive edge, talent management and acquisition, and instilling Positive Mental Attitude (PMA).

Bill has a 1st class honours degree, achieved at Brunel University. After graduating Bill became a lecturer of A levels for a short time, before starting his recruitment career.   Bill is a determined businessman who is dedicated to his family, team and customers. He aspires to achieve perfection in all he does and endeavours to get the highest standards from others.


Article from – Mac’s MMA caught up with mma fighter Evan Velez at the recent Northeast Grappling Tournament and asked him about his martial arts background, his study of sports psychology and his pro debut.

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