A Practical Look at the Law of Attraction

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A Practical Look at the Law of Attraction

Understanding the human mind?

That’s no easy feat.

Scientists have been studying the brain for centuries and they’re just barely beginning to scratch the surface on how we operate. However, during the last century, some amazing breakthrough’s have come out of the field of behavioral psychology.

This bodes well for you if you’ve had trouble understanding or using the law of attraction. Many of the recent scientific discoveries explain how the law of attraction “could” work for most people.

In other words, the better you understand how your brain works the better the law of attraction will work for you.

So let’s start with the basics shall we?


I think we can all agree actions are what ultimately lead us to getting what we want. Even the most staunch believers in the “law” of attraction admit actions ultimately bridge the gap between our thoughts and realities.

But what is it exactly that causes a person to take the actions? And how can we ensure the actions we take are the “right” actions – the ones that will lead us towards what we want?

The answer?…


Have you ever tried to feed a child something he didn’t want to eat? What type of a reaction do you get? My little boy will go to great lengths to avoid eating things he doesn’t want such as hard-boiled eggs – he’ll scream, yell, say “go away,” and even kick his legs in the air.

But what’s amazing is when I put something in front of him he likes, like a bowl of applesauce, he gobbles it up effortlessly. I can stand back and watch him take ‘action’ without any effort at all.

We’ve all experienced something similar. You see, the way your child ‘feels’ about something is what causes them to take actions – good or bad right or wrong.

We are the same way.

So how do we change our feelings?

The best way I know of to change our feelings is the change our ‘attitudes.’ We’ve been told since birth having a ‘positive’ attitude is beneficial. I agree. The better our attitude is in any situation, the better our ability to handle it becomes.

Yet, an attitude is not the cause but rather the effect of something else. In order to change our attitudes we have to take a step back and recognize what causes them…


There’s a lot of talk nowadays about beliefs – especially “limiting beliefs.” A limiting belief is something that – at any given time – stands in the way of you getting what you want. Beliefs are what cause our attitudes. What we “believe” about something at any given moment directly impacts whether we have a positive or negative attitude towards it.

Beliefs are pretty powerful stuff. Yet, we need to take this even one more step to uncover what causes our beliefs. If we start at the beginning, we can influence the entire behavior process effectively.


It all starts here. Programming is the thoughts you and I choose to think on a daily, hourly, and even minute-by-minute basis. They are the basis of which our beliefs are formed.

For example, tell yourself over and over again, things like “I’m never going to be happy,” and eventually, your mind will begin to “believe” it – moving you through the chain of events explained above.

Ultimately resulting in you taking zero action towards being happy. Or, even worse, taking actions that will continue to make you “unhappy.”

Therefore, if you want to change the actions, you need to start at the beginning. Start with the programming. Think of each sentence you tell yourself and others as a directive to your mind – because it is.

State each directive in the present tense such as “I am always happy, healthy, and enthusiastic about life.” At first, your old programming will reject the statement but if you stay with it long it enough it will accept what you say – leading you through the chain of events and automatically causing you to take actions that lead you towards happiness.

It’s a beautiful thing the brain.

We’ve all been give the greatest super computer on the planet and now we know how to use it. We can harness it’s power to attract more money, better relationships, a new home or car, even more happiness if we just give our brain the right instructions.

This is just one of the many advanced ideas on how to practically use the law of attraction. If you want to learn more ways to “switch” on your brain and use the law of attraction to attract more money, wealth, or even a new car visit Applying the Law of Attraction

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