A New Life For The New Year

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A New Life For The New Year

The New Year is just round the corner. Every time a year comes to a close we tend to harbor the hope that the coming year will be abundant fruitful than the last one. We have a tendency to hope we tend to can have more luck, more money, higher opportunities and therefore on. However, if don’t initiate the amendment ourselves there will be no hope of a higher scene in our lives in the approaching years.

Your reality now is the merchandise of what is happening in your mind. If you pause for a while and examine the content of your thoughts and compare it with the truth that you’re experiencing currently you’ll apprehend that it’s true. Problems & trials come back your approach but if you retain these misfortunes in your mind, it will embed itself in your consciousness & will soon become a belief that you are indeed an unfortunate person.

If you keep thinking the identical thoughts you have within the last years then expect the identical life in the coming years. As James Allen says, “as a person thinketh, thus is he.” Your thoughts are literally habits you have accumulated all throughout your life. Habits as you recognize can become an unconscious action, an automatic movement that even you will not even noticed you’re doing it at all.

I am certain you have got heard one or 2 rags-to-riches stories or success stories. These individuals failed to get made or successful just by hoping that luck can notice them one day. They got rich by the firm belief that they can be made sooner or later, let alone a terribly clear vision of what they want. No, they didn’t win the lottery they worked arduous but with good opportunities by their aspect and that they were at the right place at the correct time. They’re “lucky” not by chance however because luck favored them for their belief that abundance is really their destiny.

There have been failures I’m positive however they viewed failures as opportunities for learning, for improvements, or blessings disguised as problems. How do I know all these? Well, as a result of they’re where they are right now, aren’t they? A outlook of success creates a successful life. A frame of mind crammed with sorrows can always produce a sorrowful life. What you planted can be what you may reap in the end.

As you reflect regarding your life for the approaching year, simply keep in mind these words of wisdom. I don’t apprehend who penned these quotes but it encapsulates everything,
“If you want to have what you never had, then you need to do what you have never done.
As a result of if you only do what you’ve always been doing, you’ll only have what you have forever been having.

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بنیاسرائیل در سرزمین جوشن ساکن شدند و یعقوب نیز ۱۷ سال در مصر زندگی کرد و ۱۴۷ سال داشت. وقتی که زمان مرگ یعقوب فرا رسید از پسرش یوسف قولی گرفت که بعد از مردن او را در مصر دفن نکند بلکه او را در کنار اجدادش دفن کند و بعد یعقوب پسران یوسف را برکت میدهد. سرانجام او برای پسرانش وصیت میکند و وفات مییابد و او را مومیایی کرده در کنار اجدادش دفن میکنند. یوسف با خانواده خود در مصر ۱۱۰ سال زندگی کرد. و در زمان مرگ برای برادران خود وصیت کرد که خداوند آنان را از این سرزمین بیرون خواهد برد.

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