A Medifast Weight Loss Motivation Exercise

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A Medifast Weight Loss Motivation Exercise

Like almost everyone, I failed at countless diets before I finally found one that worked (which was medifast.) Although I credit the convenience and effectiveness of the diet for some of my success, I also wholeheartedly believe that my shift in attitude and motivation has been a huge factor in my significant weight loss. Here is an exercise that was very effective in motivating me to finally lose the weight and keep it off.

All of us have someone or something that we love more than anything else. For many of us, this is our children, our spouse / partner, or a pet, but it could also be a beloved object. In this exercise, you will need to identify who or what this person or thing is for you.

I don’t know one parent who would not sacrifice any and everything for a child. Parents think nothing of financial, lifestyle or physical sacrifices for a child’s well being. If you were to question a parent on any of these sacrifices, he or she would likely reply, “I want what is best for my child. I want him or her to be happy and to be the best that he can possibly be.”

In another example, let’s assume that the beloved object was a restored car. I know someone who has a classic Ford Mustang that he loves like a child. He spends countless hours cleaning, enhancing, and restoring it with compulsive care. This can be time consuming and expensive but he doesn’t care because he loves the car enough that the hardships don’t deter him.

How do these examples relate to weight loss or even the medifast diet? Actually, they are extremely relevant. To succeed in weight loss, you have to take the love, drive, determination and sacrifice that you willingly and easily give to your identified motivation and apply it to yourself. This is part two of the exercise and is the hardest part.

Simply put, you need to love yourself as much as your child, spouse, pet or beloved object. Why do you deserve any less of your best than you would give your loved one? Remember the assertions of just wanting what is best for your child? Do you not deserve the best as well?

Most of us would crawl exhausted and panting to the ends of the earth for our children, yet we can not be compelled to complete fifteen minutes of exercise when it would extend our lives. We tirelessly work to give our children the best care and opportunities, but we do not eat foods that would contribute to our own good health.

There are many choices on the path to weight loss. To make the right ones, you need to value yourself enough to put your own well being above the things that are easy or routine. If you can’t do this for yourself, then consider how your potential poor health is going to affect the thing you love and have identified. For example, if you really want what is best for your child, doesn’t that include a healthy parent? Do you want your children to grow up and not value themselves enough to prioritize their own health?

I realize this exercise can be uncomfortable, but honestly completing it is what changed my weight loss failures into a final success. And, my child, who was my initial motivation, finally has a healthy mother. Better, this has ultimately positively effected my entire family’s well being.

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