9 Ways to Promote Your Blog

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Once you’ve got your blog up and running, the challenge then becomes – how to promote it. There’s a world of advice out there online, but what really works? Here’s 9 tried and true ways to promote your blog.

1. Article Submission: Submitting articles to Article Directories can help bring traffic to your blog by creating a great signature or author bio that drives traffic back to your site. It also helps you get more links pointing back to your site which is what you want to get your blog to rank organically. of course is the number one site, but there are many others you can choose from as well. Check out the Top 50 Article Directories that you can submit to.

2. Email: You can promote your blog a number of ways through email. Email your contacts about a new blog post that may interest them, email your readers to say “Thank You”, even email other bloggers to introduce yourself. Also, create an email signature that includes your blog address. It could be as simple as writing – “Want to know what I am up to these days?” and posting your link below it.

3. Join Blogging Communities: Create a profile, start building your community, and start promoting your blog. Blog Catalog is a good place to begin. You can find, save, tag and organize your favorite blogs all in one place. They also have lots of ways for you to connect with the authors of blogs by joining discussions.

4. Post Comments: This is an easy way to start building relationships within your niche. It will build your presence online and if people like your comment they will want to find out more about you. Whatever you do, don’t just start spamming other peoples blogs with “great post” just to get your name out there. That could get you blacklisted. Just leave genuine, thought provoking feedback.

5. Twitter: If you’ve been building your twitter community the right way… offering free valuable information… you will be able to promote your blog subtly but very powerfully. Alternate articles from your blog in with all the other valuable tweets you provide. Maybe 1 out of 10 tweets can point back to your site. If you’ve got active listeners this will serve you very well.

6. Video Marketing: It’s no secret these days that people like things to be easy!! Because so many people are visual learners video is becoming the preferred method for consuming information. You can embed clickable links to your blog from you videos and post them on YouTube. You can also use a system like Traffic Geyser which allows you to post both video and text which can have links back to your site.

7. Join Forums: Join industry specific forums that relate to your business. More specifically, forums that may have a large number of potential customers actively using them. Provide valuable content and position yourself as an expert. Again, be on the forum for the benefit of others and to further your own education, not to promote your blog. If you add value, you’ll get the traffic.

8. Facebook Fan Page: Creating a Fan Page can bring loads of traffic to your blog. Customize your Fan Page so it looks like an extension of your blog. Facebook is an interface that most people are familiar with, if not love. It’s a great way to build relationships with your customers. Encourage your fans to click through to your blog.

9. Brand Your Blog: When you think of your blog as you would a brand, you have to create a consistent message and have everything you do — on and off the blog — send the same message. And you have to repeat the message as often as possible to your target audience until it’s stuck in their head. Figure out your core message and communicate it in your title, design, content, promotions, and actions.

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